Monday, November 8, 2010

W20 D3 - discouraged

I really don't like writing here at the moment, I feel it is full of excuses and fails and no progress. But here we go:

I went to Zumba on Friday and it seemed a lot better than the first time I tried it, weeks ago. It was very new then, and Friday's instructor was much more experienced. I am as unfit as I have ever been, with my current weight and no exercise for weeks, so I found it exhausting but enjoyed it.

Sunday, my next scheduled class, was skipped because of PMS. And I slept in.

Then on Monday, I forgot to book Aiden into creche and it was full so I couldn't go even though I was in my gear and everything.

My plan was to exercise Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun, so tomorrow would be next but it is my turn to be the parent helper at Aiden's early pre-school. So I should have walked today. But it was raining. Well, it had rained all night, and looked threatening... But more importantly I started coughing up phlegm this morning and I feel pretty bleurg. I refuse to get sick AGAIN damnit. Too late.

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