Saturday, July 31, 2010

W7 D1 - Weigh In

I forgot to weigh in yesterday (I tried clothed, after breakfast, of course with a horrible result that doesn't count) so I did it this morning. 82.9kg. I am not happy with that at all. I didn't focus on my eating, but I did do some exercise. And after 3 weeks of no exercise, maintaining the same weight, I exercise and suddenly put on weight! And don't tell me muscle weighs more than fat, I didn't exercise enough for that! Urg.

I went to the gym this morning, to my favorite 50/50 class. I found it really tough, but got through it. All sweaty and exhausted, which is great.

The deal was if I went to the gym 4 times I wouldn't have to get up early. I managed to fulfil that. But I am still worried that it wasn't enough, I really need the group classes, and I plan to get up early on Tuesday (BodyPump) and Wednesday (BodyStep). Constantly revising my plans as I go.

I have already booked Aiden into creche for tomorrow morning.

I know the number on the scale isn't everything, and I should feel good that I am finally back into exercise after a 3 week hiatus, but that number makes me sad.

I started tracking food again yesterday, for the first time since my birthday. I went over my limit, even with my extra exercise calories. And then I ate 2 mint slice biscuits, after I was already over. Sigh.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Doing ok

Well I have exercised a bit most days, but nothing really strenuous. Did not exercise Tuesday, on Wednesday I did the long walk to playgroup and briskly home, Thursday I went to a TBC (total body conditioning) class at the gym, it was core strength work and unfortunately we were on our hands and knees a lot which puts too much pressure on my dodgy shoulders. I stuck it out for half an hour then went and did 20 minutes on the bike - but not very fast. Friday I went to the National Library to work and went around the outside first, going up and down all the sets of stairs and walking fast in between. I went inside and did the stairs once in the foyer but then the information desk lady asked if I was lost and I felt a bit silly. In all, about 10 minutes, quite strenuous but not for very long.

I hope to go to the gym today (no class) and tomorrow (50/50 aerobic/step class).

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week 6 - starting again, again

Yesterday (Sunday) I weighed in at 82.0kg, down a little from previous weeks. I had spent a couple of days unwell, last week, but had plenty of healthy days yet still didn't exercise. And my healthy food lifestyle had been gradually slipping too, so to have lost a little rather than gained was a pleasant surprise.

Last night I made a committment (to myself, but I also told my husband), either I would get to the gym 4 times this week, during my "work time" while work is currently slow, or else in the evenings, or otherwise next week it would be back to early mornings. So if I want to avoid getting up at 5.45am, I have to find a way to make daytime/evenings work.

Today I put 3 year old Aiden in the creche for an hour and went to the gym. There was no group class at that time, but I worked really hard on the cross-trainer, rowing machine, and stationary bike for a total for 45 mins. I did much better than I usually do without an instructor egging me on. The rowing machine was funny, usually I find 10 minutes on that a real challenge but I was doing mental arithmatic in my head (working out what would be reasonable to charge my freelance clients) and just kept yanking away on the bar. I barely noticed the exercise, but I was all sweaty afterwards.

I haven't exercised during the day on Mondays for a while because I felt guilty putting in Aiden in creche, he doesn't mind it but this year he already has Koalas (early preschool) on Tuesday and Wednesday and childcare on Thursday and Friday so I can work. But creche is only an hour, and he seemed quite happy. I spend the rest of the day with him.

I am already really feeling today's exercise, plus I went to the library, did the grocery shopping, and walked my 6 year old to and from school. I am quite exhausted! I feel that that is good, it shows I have been working hard.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Week 5 - same

Weighed 82.4kg this morning. Another week of sickness. Tim spent 4 days home sick, the kids got mostly better but are sicker again and I feel yuck.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Week 4 - tracking again

I am feeling mostly better, not well enough for strenous exercise but I could go for a walk later if it stops raining. And I am determined to track my eating, even if I go over.

I did my Sunday morning weigh-in, I am 82.4kg (0.1kg up from last Sunday) so basically I have maintained over the past week. Not too bad considering I only exercised twice and I ate a lot. Down 0.7kg from my original 83.1kg. The big gain in the middle was from only two party days!

I'm not sure how to title these posts, I tried numbering each day but I keep getting that mixed up. I have called this post "week 4" when it is the first day of week 4 rather than the end of week 4. But it is the 4th weigh-in.


Didn't exercise. Didn't track food. Hope I'm better tomorrow.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

More flu

Feeling sick and miserable and disgusted with self. Eating for comfort. Sinuses full of green mucus. Yuck.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The flu

I finally come down with the flu my kids have had for days. I think I have been fighting it off for a while, but a couple of nights with little sleep (getting up frequently for the sick kids) made me more vulnerable and I have succumbed. Or maybe the Doritos did it, who can tell.

My 6 year old daughter Jasmine was well enough to go to her much-looked-forward-to vacation care (I will pick her up very early, just after lunch) but my 3 year old son Aiden is still home with me, coughing away as he plays a Go Diego Go game on the other computer. I did a bit of editing work (which I picked up last night, before I knew I would be sick today), got it done, and wrote up my scores for some Aurealis Awards judging. I will have to take my son grocery shopping soon. Or we could just make do with leftovers and I could shop tomorrow. But what if I am feeling worse? Better to get it over with, then pick up Jasmine, come home, and collapse.

No exercise today, I will have to control my eating.

Good and bad

I went to the gym this afternoon. That was good. Then I ate most of a family-size bag of Doritos. That was bad.

My kids are still moderately sick, but before mum left this afternoon I took the opportunity to go to the gym. No class, but I did 30 mins of cardio machines and 30 mins of strength machines. I did not push myself really hard, but I am ok with that as I have felt, on and off, that I was coming down with the kids flu and I didn't want to overtax myself and make it worse. But I still got some decent exercise in.

After my party weekend there was still a grocery bag of goodies left over (as well as the cake mentioned in previous blogs). I got my husband to hide it away, but last night I really wanted some Doritos. Tim and I agreed that although he will avoid tempting me, he is not the boss of my diet or responsible for my eating. So I had some of the Doritos, ok fine, and put the rest away. My mistake. I just put them in the cuboard. An open packet of cheese supreme Doritos in the kitchen cuboard. Who could have guessed where that would lead? Um... me hiding in my bedroom (so my sick kids wouldn't see and want some) eating 3/4 of a bag - the rest, in fact. Not ok.

I am a bit sick of houseguests. We have had constant but changing visitors for nearly a week, up to six extra people sleeping here at a time. It is fun of course, but also a lot of work, and expensive. I was feeding more than were sleeping here too, as even the ones staying at hotels were here for lunch and/or dinner. I love cooking for people. But, as I say, it is a lot of work and a lot of money. And we have been running the dishwasher about 4 times a day. I still have a sink piled with pots and pans I haven't quite caught up with. Mum went home after lunch today and the 4 of us are alone at last. Well, 3, Tim isn't home from work yet. But my dad is visiting next week for a few days. And every set of people has different dietary needs. On Lent, sensitive to salicylates, diabetic...

Enough winging. I am just tired. I hope I am not coming down with the flu.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A new start

Right. This is a new day. Forget the past 5 days. I had a healthy breakfast. I will go to the gym tonight when my husband gets home (both kids are still sick, and grandma is going home this morning anyway, so I can't leave them). I will go back to eating food that nourishes my body. No cake. I will track everything. 2 fruit, 2 dairy, 5 veges. That is the plan.

Ignore the scales that said I was back up to 82.2kg this morning. That is all in the past. I can't change that, but I can change the future.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sick kids

Both my kids are still sick, and as one of them has been vomiting I don't feel I can go out to the gym and leave my nearly-70-year-old mum to cope. Maybe this afternoon. Or tonight, after Tim gets home, as I have planned for normal Tuesdays.

There is still the cake mum brought in the fridge. Damn shame.

Calorie overload

I am still not back on the diet wagon. I went to throw away the rest of my birthday cake this morning, taking the whole huge box out to the bin (I wanted Tim to take it to work, but he couldn't be bothered carrying it on the bus) but the bin was so full after the big weekend that I literally couldn't fit another thing in. So I took it back inside and put it back in the fridge. After all, mum was coming in the afternoon and might want some. And a bit later I had a piece. And just after lunch I had another piece. Then mum arrived. With a cake.

So I had a piece of that.

Then I went out with my husband, we saw "Eclipse" at Dendy which has premium seating with dinner served to your seat. We were given a gift certificate for it. We enjoyed the movie, along with some hot chips, pizza, and crumbed chicken.

Today I didn't exercise, and I went over my calorie allowance by more than 500. Really bad.

I didn't exercise today because both kids were sick so I couldn't do the shopping until mum got here to babysit and then we went to the movies and yes ok I could have gone to the gym as well in between but I was not feeling so great myself ...

Putting it all behind me, tomorrow is another day.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Too much food still in the house!

I really struggled with food yesterday. Even though I did my exercise, I STILL went over my total calorie limit by about 200. After 2 days of indulgence, my taste buds wanted more more more! I had a couple of pieces of leftover birthday cake (and was horrified at the calorie count), and the last piece of lemon tart in the evening. Lunch was also a killer. I had bought some roast duck and chinese pancakes to have for dinner on my birthday but some houseguests turned up very early and there was a scramble to make something for dinner that could feed a couple of extra people. So we had the duck for lunch yesterday. And boy did it have some calories in it! Very fatty. And delicious.

Tim couldn't be bothered taking the rest of the birthday cake to work today so it is going in the bin. The rest of the leftover party food has been hidden away for future events. I am going out to dinner tonight but I will make wise choices (in fact I plan to look at the menu online before hand).

I still have a sore throat and can hardly talk, and both kids are sick. I would like to go to the gym this afternoon when my mum gets here, but I'll see how I am feeling. Got to get back on track!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I know I said in my last post, 2 hours ago, that getting up early was the only way I could do this, but I am desperate to make it work some other way. I found out, at my aerobic/Step class this morning, that Zumba does not cost extra as I had previously thought. So:

Monday: 7.00pm BodyPump
Tuesday: 7.45pm Dru Yoga
Wednesday: 7.30pm (approx) use equipment
Thursday: 7.15pm Zumba
Friday: --
Saturday: 2.00pm (approx) use equipment
Sunday: 9.00am BodyAttack/BodyStep

This still gives me 4 classes a week. I have scheduled 6 sessions of exercise a week because I know that quite often I will miss one of these. For instance tomorrow night (Monday) I am going out, and I have things on 2 Wednesdays a month.

I might not always make it to Monday's BodyPump class because it requires Tim to be home by 6.45 to look after the kids, and these days he usually doesn't get home until 7.00pm. But he is going to try. It means he has to have dinner and then get both kids to bed by himself, and we have visitors every Monday night at 8.00. I should be home shortly after that. Hopefully it will work out. I am putting exercise above socialising, or having a clean house when visitors arrive.

Tuesdays, I am going to try Dru Yoga. I tried one Body Balance class once and I could hardly do any of it, both due to general inflexability and because of my shoulders (for instance the Downward Dog position puts too much weight on my shoulders). I left after 15 mins. But I learned later that that was a hard class with the hardest teacher. Dru Yoga was recommended for beginners. I will try it.

Wednesday night there is only a BodyBalance class which I will not do (see above), so I will just use the equipment. If I have managed to do Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue already that week, I will skip Wednesday night. Or, of course, if I have my Editing or Spec Fiction meeting that week. I look on Wednesdays as a make-up session, if I missed something earlier in the week.

I am really looking forward to Zumba on Thursday, it is described as a Latin dance fitness party, and I have seen it on TV. I would have done it long ago, but I had the idea that it cost extra and gym fees were already high enough. I have always loved dance. It should be a great cardio workout. Because it is 7.15pm, Tim should be home in time, but he will have to get the kids to bed by himself again.

I have Friday off. I suppose if I have missed a few classes, for whatever reason, I could go and use the equipment this night.

Saturday is a busy day, Tim takes the kids to gymnastics in the morning and then goes to a dance class after he brings them home. There is a good class (TBC) at 9.45am and BodyPump at 10.45am but they would clash with our other committments, so I will just go and use the equipment after lunch. Or it would be good if we had some kind of family active time instead.

Sunday is the BodyAttack/BodyStep class, my favorite of the week sofar, and the one I just did this morning.

So over the course of the week I have 2 cardio classes, 1 weights, 1 flexibility, and 1-2 equipment (I use cardio). Quite a good balance. We'll see how the week ahead goes.

Week 3 - The weigh in

I weighed myself on my birthday, Friday, and I was down to 80.6kg which was awesome, 2.5kg lost in 12 days, down from the original 83.1kg. But this morning, two days later, I weighed in at 82.3kg. Arg! But not unexpected.

In between the two weigh-ins was my birthday weekend. On Friday I had two croissants with butter for breakfast, a 2-course lunch at a restaurant with my husband, afternoon tea with my kids, dinner with dessert, then the PARTY with 4 cocktails and lots of snacks. Lots of guests stayed over, so on Saturday I had crumpets for breakfast, lots of pizza for lunch + dessert, cheezels in the afternoon, and dinner with dessert. The last guests left just after breakfast this morning. I am officially back on the wagon!

It was a great couple of days and I don't regret making merry, but it has certainly shown up on the scales.

I hope I am not coming down sick. I feel ok, except for my throat. We had Singstar at my party and I really pushed it, by the end of the night my throat was very sore and I could hardly talk. The next morning was the same (unfortunate with all those guests) and even this morning - my throat isn't really sore but I can barely speak. Tim and the kids all seem to be coming down with a cold. I am still about to go and do an exercise class, I feel fine within myself other than tired. I will see how I go and decide later whether to skip tomorrow mornings pre-dawn class and just go to the gym later in the day if I think I need the sleep, my mum with be visiting and can look after the kids (school holidays just started) so I will be able to do that. I never work as hard on my own but that is ok if I am a bit sick, I won't want to overdo it but I will still want to do something after that weekend!

As for the experiment, 12 days of hell, well getting up at 5.45 really is hell, but it seems to be the only way I can get to the gym regularly and it certainly gets results. So I am going to continue with it.