Monday, July 5, 2010

Calorie overload

I am still not back on the diet wagon. I went to throw away the rest of my birthday cake this morning, taking the whole huge box out to the bin (I wanted Tim to take it to work, but he couldn't be bothered carrying it on the bus) but the bin was so full after the big weekend that I literally couldn't fit another thing in. So I took it back inside and put it back in the fridge. After all, mum was coming in the afternoon and might want some. And a bit later I had a piece. And just after lunch I had another piece. Then mum arrived. With a cake.

So I had a piece of that.

Then I went out with my husband, we saw "Eclipse" at Dendy which has premium seating with dinner served to your seat. We were given a gift certificate for it. We enjoyed the movie, along with some hot chips, pizza, and crumbed chicken.

Today I didn't exercise, and I went over my calorie allowance by more than 500. Really bad.

I didn't exercise today because both kids were sick so I couldn't do the shopping until mum got here to babysit and then we went to the movies and yes ok I could have gone to the gym as well in between but I was not feeling so great myself ...

Putting it all behind me, tomorrow is another day.

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