Saturday, July 3, 2010

Week 3 - The weigh in

I weighed myself on my birthday, Friday, and I was down to 80.6kg which was awesome, 2.5kg lost in 12 days, down from the original 83.1kg. But this morning, two days later, I weighed in at 82.3kg. Arg! But not unexpected.

In between the two weigh-ins was my birthday weekend. On Friday I had two croissants with butter for breakfast, a 2-course lunch at a restaurant with my husband, afternoon tea with my kids, dinner with dessert, then the PARTY with 4 cocktails and lots of snacks. Lots of guests stayed over, so on Saturday I had crumpets for breakfast, lots of pizza for lunch + dessert, cheezels in the afternoon, and dinner with dessert. The last guests left just after breakfast this morning. I am officially back on the wagon!

It was a great couple of days and I don't regret making merry, but it has certainly shown up on the scales.

I hope I am not coming down sick. I feel ok, except for my throat. We had Singstar at my party and I really pushed it, by the end of the night my throat was very sore and I could hardly talk. The next morning was the same (unfortunate with all those guests) and even this morning - my throat isn't really sore but I can barely speak. Tim and the kids all seem to be coming down with a cold. I am still about to go and do an exercise class, I feel fine within myself other than tired. I will see how I go and decide later whether to skip tomorrow mornings pre-dawn class and just go to the gym later in the day if I think I need the sleep, my mum with be visiting and can look after the kids (school holidays just started) so I will be able to do that. I never work as hard on my own but that is ok if I am a bit sick, I won't want to overdo it but I will still want to do something after that weekend!

As for the experiment, 12 days of hell, well getting up at 5.45 really is hell, but it seems to be the only way I can get to the gym regularly and it certainly gets results. So I am going to continue with it.

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