Sunday, July 4, 2010

Too much food still in the house!

I really struggled with food yesterday. Even though I did my exercise, I STILL went over my total calorie limit by about 200. After 2 days of indulgence, my taste buds wanted more more more! I had a couple of pieces of leftover birthday cake (and was horrified at the calorie count), and the last piece of lemon tart in the evening. Lunch was also a killer. I had bought some roast duck and chinese pancakes to have for dinner on my birthday but some houseguests turned up very early and there was a scramble to make something for dinner that could feed a couple of extra people. So we had the duck for lunch yesterday. And boy did it have some calories in it! Very fatty. And delicious.

Tim couldn't be bothered taking the rest of the birthday cake to work today so it is going in the bin. The rest of the leftover party food has been hidden away for future events. I am going out to dinner tonight but I will make wise choices (in fact I plan to look at the menu online before hand).

I still have a sore throat and can hardly talk, and both kids are sick. I would like to go to the gym this afternoon when my mum gets here, but I'll see how I am feeling. Got to get back on track!

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