Friday, July 30, 2010

Doing ok

Well I have exercised a bit most days, but nothing really strenuous. Did not exercise Tuesday, on Wednesday I did the long walk to playgroup and briskly home, Thursday I went to a TBC (total body conditioning) class at the gym, it was core strength work and unfortunately we were on our hands and knees a lot which puts too much pressure on my dodgy shoulders. I stuck it out for half an hour then went and did 20 minutes on the bike - but not very fast. Friday I went to the National Library to work and went around the outside first, going up and down all the sets of stairs and walking fast in between. I went inside and did the stairs once in the foyer but then the information desk lady asked if I was lost and I felt a bit silly. In all, about 10 minutes, quite strenuous but not for very long.

I hope to go to the gym today (no class) and tomorrow (50/50 aerobic/step class).

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