Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good and bad

I went to the gym this afternoon. That was good. Then I ate most of a family-size bag of Doritos. That was bad.

My kids are still moderately sick, but before mum left this afternoon I took the opportunity to go to the gym. No class, but I did 30 mins of cardio machines and 30 mins of strength machines. I did not push myself really hard, but I am ok with that as I have felt, on and off, that I was coming down with the kids flu and I didn't want to overtax myself and make it worse. But I still got some decent exercise in.

After my party weekend there was still a grocery bag of goodies left over (as well as the cake mentioned in previous blogs). I got my husband to hide it away, but last night I really wanted some Doritos. Tim and I agreed that although he will avoid tempting me, he is not the boss of my diet or responsible for my eating. So I had some of the Doritos, ok fine, and put the rest away. My mistake. I just put them in the cuboard. An open packet of cheese supreme Doritos in the kitchen cuboard. Who could have guessed where that would lead? Um... me hiding in my bedroom (so my sick kids wouldn't see and want some) eating 3/4 of a bag - the rest, in fact. Not ok.

I am a bit sick of houseguests. We have had constant but changing visitors for nearly a week, up to six extra people sleeping here at a time. It is fun of course, but also a lot of work, and expensive. I was feeding more than were sleeping here too, as even the ones staying at hotels were here for lunch and/or dinner. I love cooking for people. But, as I say, it is a lot of work and a lot of money. And we have been running the dishwasher about 4 times a day. I still have a sink piled with pots and pans I haven't quite caught up with. Mum went home after lunch today and the 4 of us are alone at last. Well, 3, Tim isn't home from work yet. But my dad is visiting next week for a few days. And every set of people has different dietary needs. On Lent, sensitive to salicylates, diabetic...

Enough winging. I am just tired. I hope I am not coming down with the flu.

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