Tuesday, October 26, 2010

W18 D2 - On and On

I felt a lot better on Sunday and yesterday (Monday) I was cheerful and energetic. Even the sore throat was gone. I went to the gym for the first time in weeks and did a gentle half hour on the bike, did the shopping, then came home and did some editing work and a lot of housework (sadly neglected for the past month) and enjoyed time with my son. Monday is my most challenging diet-wise as I do the grocery shopping, my daughter has a friend over so I provide afternoon tea, and we always have guests for supper and games - lots of temptations there. I had a donut in the morning, 4 little cookies in the afternoon and a chocolate biscuit and a couple of squares of chocolate in the evening. Lots, you say!? You should see my usual Monday!

I weighed myself on Monday morning, 82.9 kg, no real change there.

Then I woke at 3 am this morning with my neck full of throat. Pain pain pain. My ears were throbbing, swallowing was agonising. I took some pain killers. No better throughout the day. Back on pain killers all day. Really depressing that I am not better after so long.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

W17 D6 - Nothing new to report

Overall I am mostly better (what is this - week 6 of being sick?) but my sore throat continues. I considered seeing my doctor again but decided against it after doing some reading which suggested that there is nothing she can do. I also had a day of nasty diarrhoea earlier in the week. I guess I am just full of germs. I think I need to start some gentle exercise now, walking seems ok.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

W17 D6 - big jeans

My old jeans had dissolved where the thighs rub together, so today I went to buy new ones. Last couple of times (to my horror) I had needed a size 16. This time I didn't even fit into a size 16. (Well, I could squeeze in uncomfortably with a bulging muffin-top.) And Just Jeans didn't stock a size 18. I didn't fit into normal size clothes. Oh My God.

I went to Jeans West, where I had bought my last pair - a men's size 36. I had to get a 38. But at least they had some that fit me.

I feel huge and miserable.

I'm feeling, health-wise, a bit better today; but not yet well enough to exercise. I want to curl up into a sad ball with a family size block of chocolate to comfort me. Like that would help.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

W17 D4 - Doctor

Still sick. I think, since my last post a week ago, that I got a bit better then worse again. I saw the doctor yesterday. She was of the opinion that I have had a whole series of different colds and flus in a row, probably passed on by the kids. Aiden is finally well again, hopefully I will be soon too. I am taking painkillers for the sore throat plus zinc & vitamin C.

I also talked to the doctor about my left shoulder which isn't getting better, I am now on anti-inflammitories for that and if it doesn't get better soon I will go for x-ray and ultrasound, and probably start the whole painful physio process. Blah.

With my contraceptive pill and the Vitamin D (I have a deficiency! In Australia!), I am taking around 12 tablets a day. Some before meals, some with meals, some after meals, some anytime.

I can't exercise at the moment. But I can still make choices. So, from today, I will:

1) Track my food. Even if/when I go over.
2) Take all my tablets carefully. But try to cut down on the painkillers.
3) Do the shoulder stretches 3 x a day as recommended by the doctor.
4) Not eat after 8.30pm. Usually I have unnecessary snacks that make me feel bloated right before bed. No more!

That is all I am committing to right now.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

W16 D5 - very sick of being sick

Well last Wednesday, the day of the previous post, I went to the gym and did a gentle half hour on the bike. I felt ok. Then I did the grocery shopping. They were doing some work on the road outside the shopping centre so I had to park further away, and walking back to the car with a full trolley was hard work. By the time I got home I felt exhausted, so much so that I was in some emotional distress. I asked my mother to stay a bit longer, she babysat while I took an hour nap.

The next day I was ok again and had a lovely day, I went to Floriade (local tulip festival) and sat on the balcony of the cafe there for a couple of hours. I read some of the stories I am judging for a competition, looking up every so often to see the lovely sweep of flowers. I also had a couple of brisk walks.

But on Friday I came down sick again. Still cold or flu - runny nose, headache and aching teeth. I was feeling mostly better by Tuesday, a couple of days ago. But last night the sore throat started up again. Horrible all day today.

My poor 3 year old son has been sick the whole 4 weeks too; like me he gets better for a couple of days then gets sick again. Is it all one 'flu or are we catching a sucession of them? My husband was sick for one week, my daughter not at all.

I am so sick of being sick for weeks and weeks. I realise that on a global scale I am not very sick at all and I am very lucky that my husband is the main breadwinner so we can get away with me not working, and also I have had quite a few child-free days during the period. But I am still sick of it.

And I am making no progress at all towards my 12kg weight loss by Christmas goal. I am perhaps eating a little less, but not exercising at all. On Sunday - or it might have been Monday - I weighed 82.4kg.

Ow my throat hurts. And I am tired. But I need to go and make dinner for hungry children. And life goes on.