Tuesday, October 12, 2010

W17 D4 - Doctor

Still sick. I think, since my last post a week ago, that I got a bit better then worse again. I saw the doctor yesterday. She was of the opinion that I have had a whole series of different colds and flus in a row, probably passed on by the kids. Aiden is finally well again, hopefully I will be soon too. I am taking painkillers for the sore throat plus zinc & vitamin C.

I also talked to the doctor about my left shoulder which isn't getting better, I am now on anti-inflammitories for that and if it doesn't get better soon I will go for x-ray and ultrasound, and probably start the whole painful physio process. Blah.

With my contraceptive pill and the Vitamin D (I have a deficiency! In Australia!), I am taking around 12 tablets a day. Some before meals, some with meals, some after meals, some anytime.

I can't exercise at the moment. But I can still make choices. So, from today, I will:

1) Track my food. Even if/when I go over.
2) Take all my tablets carefully. But try to cut down on the painkillers.
3) Do the shoulder stretches 3 x a day as recommended by the doctor.
4) Not eat after 8.30pm. Usually I have unnecessary snacks that make me feel bloated right before bed. No more!

That is all I am committing to right now.

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  1. Yes! That post dinner snacking is an easy habit to fall into and a very hard one to get out of.

    Can't wait to keep reading how you are going. Hope to see your shoulder and cold scenario is better.

    Btw, I think a vitamin D deficiency in a Canberra winter/early spring is well justified. Sun up at 7am, set by 5pm - barely any useable sunlight! But hopefully you got some in at Floriade the other day.