Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sunday stepping

Home scales today read 81.4 (more or less), the gym 80.3. So I am not yet down to last week's weight, but getting there. Had a good dieting day yesterday. Tomorrow is the official 2-week point.

I worked really hard at the gym this morning. It was the 50/50 class - half aerobics/half bodystep. Much more exhausting than zumba. By the time we even got to the step half I was pretty tired and sweaty and red in the face, and still had the hardest part to go! It was great!

I still do everything at the most basic level, I can hardly imagine being able to leap around like some of the others, and on a much higher step. But I know I will get there. The instructor hurt her back yesterday so she was taking it easy. Luckily the rest of the class go regularly (I used to go quite often too) so they knew all the moves. I was doing about the same level as the instructor - I don't think she broke a sweat.

I could go and have a nap right now... but it's Sunday and I had better spend some time with the family.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Feeling sad

I've been feeling pretty down today. For the past four days I have eating a bit too much - but on three of those days it should only have been enough to slow down the weight loss, not halt it, and certainly not put ON weight. Thursday - the day before yesterday - was the only day I ate more than my body should be burning. But for the past three days my weight has gone up. It seems to mean that only the dramatic calorie restriction of 1000 per day works.

On Thursday, as previously mentioned, I went to the movies and binged on twisties. That was my lunch. Then I had more easter bunny chocolate for afternoon tea. And an extra helping of spaghetti bolognaise at dinnertime. Then supper, with visitors; fudge, lollies and more chocolate. The next morning my weight was back up to 82.0kg. For once the scales refused to ossilate. That is half of what I had lost, back on in two days.

I went to the gym and did zumba. My history with zumba is that I encouraged my gym to put morning zumba classes on at the end of last year. They did (whether due to me or not I don't know), twice a week. I immediately hurt my shoulder and couldn't go to them. Last week I felt I could start going back to group classes. They instantly dropped the Monday class. Still one a week, on Friday, which I went to yesterday. At which they announced that they are turning it into a zumba toning class with weights. Which I can't use. So that totally sucked. Not a good day, yesterday.

Oh, and the gym scales also showed an increase. Up to 81.1 from 79.9 last time, which validates the change shown by my home scales.

This morning my weight was up a little bit higher - 82.1. Depressing. The numbers jumped all over the place, but 82.1 was the most frequent. And, scarily, one of the lowest.

I have re-tightened the diet, strictly 1000 calories even if I exercise. I really really need to lose some weight to motivate myself to keep going.

I plan to go to the gym 5 times a week.

Tim and the kids just went on a bike ride. I should have gone, maybe, but I have a freelance project due at the end of this week and I need to put some hours in. So I had better get to it.

Sad and tired and headachy. And fat.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Usual weigh-in confusion this morning - my husband proved again that he gets the same weight each time but I got 81.1, 81.9, 81.4 four times, 80.9, 81.8, 81.4 and 81.0. I am tentatively going with 81.4kg.

I was feeling strong and healthy today, ready to eat all healthy food. After a quiet morning, I took the kids to see Hop, a movie about the Easter Bunny that struck me as being almost exactly like the kids' movie Alvin and Chipmunks with a bunny instead of chipmunks. Which was fine. I had bought the kids normal-sized packets of chips in the supermarket yesterday and nothing for myself - I took along a little easter egg so that I wouldn't feel deprived. But there was a long queue, and the ads for junk food and people buying junk food and people eating junk food got to me and I bought myself some twisties. And of course the bag was twice the size as a normal one. And I ate it all. So that was a bit of a diet disaster. I will have to be very good for the rest of the day, even though we are having people over for supper... Oh bugger.

The lesson here is that I am still learning to deal with temptation and I am better off not being around unhealthy food. But it is not the end of the world.

-photo by animm

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More annoyingly variable scales

My "binge" last night wasn't as bad as I thought, 265 calories. Still, something to avoid.

Weigh-in this morning was even more frustrating than usual. 82.1 (arg!) twice, 81.1, 81.6 twice, 81.0, 81.6, 82.0 then 81.1 four times. It is like that saying: a man with one watch knows what time it is; a man with two watches is never sure. I'm going with 81.1 because I got that the most times and because it is a loss; but I don't trust it.

Then of course my husband got on and off the scales five times with the same number every time. So it is just me - my bodyweight fluctuates from second to second. By a kilo.

My husband thinks I am spending too much time counting calories, but tracking is shown to be very effective in weight loss and I really think it is helping me. He is all for me losing weight and getting healthy, but he only believes in exercise - not dieting. I need both to lose what I need to lose.

-photo copyright Nik Stanbridge


Today mostly went well. I weighed in this morning at 81.4kg, up a bit since yesterday but I have to expect random fluctuations. I don't like it, in truth, and hope I am down again tomorrow. I certainly did well yesterday with no reason for an increase, unless it was from Easter the day before that.

Anyway, went to the gym this morning (weighed in there 79.9kg, which is consistent with the differences between the two scales) and did Zumba! It was really enjoyable. I didn't wave my arms around too much, but I wiggled my hips and moved my feet. Good exercise, and fun too.

Then I had a good day, nutrition-wise, until this evening when I had a bit of a binge on bread (1 slice) and chocolate (quite a bit) which I haven't added up yet but which will surely take me over even my exercise-included calories for the day. Oh well, I am not perfect, and tomorrow is a new day.

I was looking around the gym class this morning glad to be me. Yes, many of those women are thinner, fitter, and/or younger than me: but some can't dance and some are gangly and even the perfect-looking ones don't have my life. So, overall, it is good to be me.

-photo copyright anujraj

Monday, April 25, 2011

Later that day

My nutrition has been great today and I feel so much healthier. The difference from this morning is amazing. I didn't have any chocolate today - I had a few calories left this evening but had half a tub of yoghurt instead.

We took our bikes to a bike park today. My husband rides to and from work every day but he didn't get to ride today, he had to look after our kids who both still have training wheels. No way we could have fit four bikes in the car in any case, he had to take mine apart and squeeze most of it in the back seat with the kids while theirs went in the boot. I have only ridden this new bike once (plus getting it home from the shop when I fell off on my first attempt at stopping) since I got it for Christmas, but my shoulder is much improved and I am increasing my range of exercise. I ride a reclining bike at the gym (Is that the right name? It doesn't actually recline, but it has a back and you sit in it like a chair with legs pointing forward instead of straddling a seat. Anyway...) so I thought I would be somewhat used to it but it wasn't the same at all. Quite apart from my nervousness at being on a real bike that could be fallen off, it used quite different muscles - mainly the lower thighs. I rode for about 25 minutes around a looping track. About 3km all together, I think. Not much, but my legs were burning even with a break in the middle. I was scared of going fast - I even braked on the gentle downhill slopes. Oh well, I am sure I will improve. The kids had a great time.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Morning after

It's the morning after my Easter binge and I feel awful. Hard to get out of bed, tired and lurgy and sad. Feel heavy and like my face is trying to slide off. Mild headache. Couldn't get going without a cup of tea. So different from the past week. The scary thing is, I used to feel like this all the time. It was just normal. Amazing how looking after your body makes a difference...

I weighed myself several times this morning and as usual got widely divergent answers - more than a kilo apart - but I am going with 81.2 as I got that three times out of six. Means another 300g loss since yesterday and a total of 1.6kg in my first week which is excellent. If I wasn't feeling so tired and grumpy I would be very happy with that. I certainly worked hard for it most of the week.

I still have a huge amount of chocolate sitting above the TV. I will share the little eggs with whatever visitors pop in over the next week or so, and plan to eat the bunny slowly over a long period - having a little bit each night only if I have calories left. The kids have lots left too, they will be allowed to eat chocolate at afternoon tea time each day after eating healthy food throughout the morning.

My exercise plan is going to the gym 4 days per week (every day that I am kid free) and including some kind of physical activity other days. I am still focussing more on my diet, but exercise is important too. My shoulder is a lot better, and this week I plan to try a group class - carefully.


Today was Easter Sunday, which was always going to be a challenge.

I have read, with some perplexity, reports of Americans colouring and eating hard boiled eggs for Easter. Boring! In Australia, Easter Sunday means CHOCOLATE. Chocolate eggs and bunnies wrapped in shiny foil. We had a hunt for mini eggs that the Easter Bunny left around the house, plus we also gave each other much larger eggs. My husband gave me a Lindt bunny weighing 500g (more than a pound).

I ended up eating a total of 1625 calories today, a lot more than my alottment of 1000, but Easter only comes once a year and I still ate less than other years. And did a bit of exercise too - we went for a long family walk and bopped along to a kids' exercise video. So over all, I think I did pretty well considering.

My calorie average for the week is 938.9 per day net (after exercise if factored in). Tomorrow morning is the official one week weigh-in - wish me luck!

Friday, April 22, 2011

More weighing in

My scales this morning showed 81.7. Or 80.9. I think maybe I need new scales. Anyway, taking the higher number, I have still lost another 400g since yesterday - 1.1kg in 5 days. Excellent! it is really encouraging.

Then I went to the gym, and tried their scales. Even there, 4 attempts gave me 3 different numbers, but only 0.2kg variation so I think they are much more accurate. And if I got someone to show me how, I could also work out my fat and water percentages. Going by the middle of the three numbers given, I am 80.1kg! Yay! So much lighter than at home. I have seen a similar discrepancy before. So I'll use my home scale to track the daily change, but the gym for the real number of my actual weight.

Was tired and lurgy today (due to lady time, I think) and didn't perform as well at the gym, but still did 50 minutes. Ate a bit more than usual at lunch - higher calories mainly due to adding lots of Thousand Island dressing to my salad - but when I take the exercise into account I should still finish the day around 1000 calories net.

Easter Sunday tomorrow. Looking forward to chocolate. I am accustomed to having chocolate every day, but have only indulged in a little on one day this week. I don't want to gorge myself tomorrow and undo all the good I have done, but I am not going to be too mingy either. Easter is my favourite holiday of the year.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Confusing scales, and chocolate

This morning I weighed in at 81.3. That can't be right, I was 82.2 yesterday. Tried again - 82.1. Then 82.1 again. Ok, that seems reasonable, 100g in a day. Wandered back to the scales about 30 seconds later just to check. 81.5. Four times in a row. Took a lap of the room, back to 82.1, twice.


I am going with 82.1kg, but it just shows that not only can my weight fluctuate day by day, but the scales can fluctuate second by second. I will continue weighing daily and looking at the general pattern.

My nutritionist friend looked at my food journal yesterday. She commented on the very low calories, bit low on fibre, carbs and dairy. But she didn't discourage me from continuing. She only said that very low calorie diets are very hard to maintain, and she usually only prescribes them for dramatic weight loss before surgery. Another thing she said, which I have taken on board, is that I am overestimating calories burned during exercise as (for instance) a muscular man would burn a lot more calories jogging the same distance as an overweight woman. Muscles burn more calories than fat. I knew that, yet I was somehow hoping that being unfit meant that I was working harder than a fit person and therefore burning more calories than them. Wrong.

As usual for a Thursday, we had people over for supper (and Dungeons&Dragons) last night. I wasn't sure how I was going to deal with that; should I eat nothing? Should I have a little? Should I prepare myself some healthy food? Most nights I am not eating anything after dinner. In the end, I had 50 calories still available at supper time so I decided to have 2 squares of delicious Lindt chocolate. In small bites, savouring every nibble. It was my first "junk" food and I have been a bit worried about opening the flood gates to naughtiness. But I think it worked out fine, I am still on my healthy food diet. I don't want to ban any food, but just be aware that treats tend to have so many calories that I can't fit them into my 1000 calorie food plan. Just a little bit, occasionally. Sunday is Easter, and I will certainly have some chocolate then!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gym high?

I've never really understood people talking about getting a high after exercise. I usually just feel tired. And guilty that I didn't work hard enough. But this morning I went to the gym and did an hour of reasonably hard work and I do feel tired but I also feel good. I wouldn't call it a high, but good. I think my body is really liking the healthy food, I don't feel all bloated and yuck. Amazing.

I weighed 82.2kg this morning. Still going down!! That makes me feel good too. Some people say weigh every day so you can notice patterns and change behaviours early; some say don't because you fluctuate a lot and it means nothing. I like every day so far. Seeing that reducing number gives me the sense of achievement that helps keep me going.

Mmmm, lamb

Still going strong after THREE days! Go me.

I weighed myself this morning, 84.4kg. 400g in 2 days. Woo hoo! Ok, I know that it will fluctuate a lot (I was UP 100g yesterday) but it still makes me feel good to see it. And if I go back up tomorrow, I won't feel bad because my lady time (as other bloggers have called it) is about to start and I am probably retaining fluids. I am certainly drinking plenty. 10 glasses yesterday.

I didn't exercise today; no time to go to the gym and it was raining so I didn't walk excuse excuse. But my calories are nice and low, 960, so I can even still have a mini-snack for supper if I need to. 5 grapes or something lol. All those vegetables are really filling, and I have done well at balancing my nutrition, I think. Low-fat milk on my cereal and yoghurt and a tiny piece of cheese for dairy, some bread and lots of vegetables and fruit for carbs, meat for protein.

And 2 lamb chops for dinner. Mmm, lamb.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Good Day

Day Two of the new diet and going well. This may not sound like much, but in the past I would be lucky to get through one day without a trip!

Yesterday I ate a total of 910 calories and expended 120 in exercise.
Today I ate a total of 1086 calories and expended 480 in exercise.

This is even lower than I have allowed for - I want 1000 + more when I exercise.

I have eaten nothing "bad". Protein (chicken/beef/fish) at lunch and dinner, lots of vegetables, fruit for snacks, healthy cereal for breakfast. Lots of water with a squeeze of lemon. It hasn't been a struggle yet. Passing cravings for cheese and chocolate, but knowing I would have to write it down in my little booklet and then run out of calories early were big anti-motivators.

I went to the gym this morning and did an hour of treadmill, x-trainer, and bike. It's the first time I've been on the x-trainer since I hurt my shoulder and I didn't do the arms. I was tired but I just kept going. Actually, I had more energy than many other times - not being bloated with unhealthy food must help. I hope to be able to do group classes again soon. I also walked instead of drove to pick up Aiden from childcare, as I did yesterday.

By far my biggest meal over the past two days was dinner tonight, and I feel overly full even though it was only about 400 calories. Chicken and vegetable stir-fry with a little bit of rice. Many of the additional calories came from the oil the chicken was stir-fried in, and the cashews on top. Yummy, and pretty healthy.

My mum is visiting for a couple of days. We looked at my cousin's wedding photos on facebook and both felt very uncomfortable with how we looked, we are the only overweight ones in the family. But I didn't let myself get down about it - I am already doing something to change. My mum is also going to. It is hard for her, dietary restrictions cut out most fruit and vegetables and what does that leave to fill up on with few calories?!

So, I am still feeling very motivated and strong. My calorie, fat, protein, carbohydrate and exercise levels are all good. Fibre not fantastic but I'm not sure how to get more in with my calorie restriction. Doing ok with it. Might need more dairy now that I have cut down on cheese and milk. I have bought low-fat milk for cereal and tea., but I wouldn't want to drink it. And I have yoghurt but not enough calories left to eat it. Well, I do really, considering I did quite a lot of exercise, but I am full and don't want to.

See you tomorrow!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Starting Over. Again. 82.8kg.

Today I felt ready to try again at losing weight. It was a shopping day, which meant I could get a trolley full of healthy things. And I just felt, well, strong. Since I still can't exercise hard, due to my shoulder, I am going the calorie-restriction route. Very restrictive this time - only 1000 calories (4200 kj) plus whatever exercise I manage. I am eating very mindfully: always from a plate and with cutlery, even the watermelon. Drinking lots of water with a slice of lemon rather than cordial. Lots of vegetables and fruit. Lean meat and very little food that has been processed in any way. I had healthy cereal for breakfast and a teaspoon of sugar in my tea - otherwise all very natural food. So far it has been very easy. I feel full and healthy. It is nearly dinner time and I have used less than half of my calories, and I have been for a half-hour walk. I have to be careful that I eat enough! Don't want my body to go into starvation mode and start hoarding fat. But when you don't eat the really junky or fatty foods, it is easy to stay low in calories. I am craving cheese a bit. I have a desire for high-calorie food, but I can recognise that it is not hunger. Actually, I am starting to feel a little bit hungry now but that is because it is little more than an hour until dinner. I look forward to my salmon and vegetables with a healthy appetite. I am tracking fluid intake (doing well, but as usual after about 3 glasses of water in the day I start peeing like a racehorse; it is very inconvenient to have to run to the toilet every 20 mins!), calories (of course), fat, carbohydrates (to make sure they are spread over the day to balance my blood sugar), protein and fibre. I will be interested to see what I have to adjust. Fibre is going to be very tricky, as I don't eat much whole-grain stuff and it takes a lot of vegetables to add up to 25g of fibre! I have already exceeded my protein needs and I haven't even had my salmon yet. So, I am full of optimism for a change. I am tracking in a little purpose-made booklet rather than on line, and I rather enjoy looking up all the foods in the accompanying calorie-counter book. I don't think I would be able to exercise hard on this many calories (although they do on Biggest Loser!) but since I can't anyway it is a good time to start. As the weeks go by I will gradually increase my exercise. And I am allowed to eat more when I do. I am starting at 82.8kg. Watch me shrink!