Sunday, April 24, 2011


Today was Easter Sunday, which was always going to be a challenge.

I have read, with some perplexity, reports of Americans colouring and eating hard boiled eggs for Easter. Boring! In Australia, Easter Sunday means CHOCOLATE. Chocolate eggs and bunnies wrapped in shiny foil. We had a hunt for mini eggs that the Easter Bunny left around the house, plus we also gave each other much larger eggs. My husband gave me a Lindt bunny weighing 500g (more than a pound).

I ended up eating a total of 1625 calories today, a lot more than my alottment of 1000, but Easter only comes once a year and I still ate less than other years. And did a bit of exercise too - we went for a long family walk and bopped along to a kids' exercise video. So over all, I think I did pretty well considering.

My calorie average for the week is 938.9 per day net (after exercise if factored in). Tomorrow morning is the official one week weigh-in - wish me luck!

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