Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Usual weigh-in confusion this morning - my husband proved again that he gets the same weight each time but I got 81.1, 81.9, 81.4 four times, 80.9, 81.8, 81.4 and 81.0. I am tentatively going with 81.4kg.

I was feeling strong and healthy today, ready to eat all healthy food. After a quiet morning, I took the kids to see Hop, a movie about the Easter Bunny that struck me as being almost exactly like the kids' movie Alvin and Chipmunks with a bunny instead of chipmunks. Which was fine. I had bought the kids normal-sized packets of chips in the supermarket yesterday and nothing for myself - I took along a little easter egg so that I wouldn't feel deprived. But there was a long queue, and the ads for junk food and people buying junk food and people eating junk food got to me and I bought myself some twisties. And of course the bag was twice the size as a normal one. And I ate it all. So that was a bit of a diet disaster. I will have to be very good for the rest of the day, even though we are having people over for supper... Oh bugger.

The lesson here is that I am still learning to deal with temptation and I am better off not being around unhealthy food. But it is not the end of the world.

-photo by animm

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