Friday, April 29, 2011

Feeling sad

I've been feeling pretty down today. For the past four days I have eating a bit too much - but on three of those days it should only have been enough to slow down the weight loss, not halt it, and certainly not put ON weight. Thursday - the day before yesterday - was the only day I ate more than my body should be burning. But for the past three days my weight has gone up. It seems to mean that only the dramatic calorie restriction of 1000 per day works.

On Thursday, as previously mentioned, I went to the movies and binged on twisties. That was my lunch. Then I had more easter bunny chocolate for afternoon tea. And an extra helping of spaghetti bolognaise at dinnertime. Then supper, with visitors; fudge, lollies and more chocolate. The next morning my weight was back up to 82.0kg. For once the scales refused to ossilate. That is half of what I had lost, back on in two days.

I went to the gym and did zumba. My history with zumba is that I encouraged my gym to put morning zumba classes on at the end of last year. They did (whether due to me or not I don't know), twice a week. I immediately hurt my shoulder and couldn't go to them. Last week I felt I could start going back to group classes. They instantly dropped the Monday class. Still one a week, on Friday, which I went to yesterday. At which they announced that they are turning it into a zumba toning class with weights. Which I can't use. So that totally sucked. Not a good day, yesterday.

Oh, and the gym scales also showed an increase. Up to 81.1 from 79.9 last time, which validates the change shown by my home scales.

This morning my weight was up a little bit higher - 82.1. Depressing. The numbers jumped all over the place, but 82.1 was the most frequent. And, scarily, one of the lowest.

I have re-tightened the diet, strictly 1000 calories even if I exercise. I really really need to lose some weight to motivate myself to keep going.

I plan to go to the gym 5 times a week.

Tim and the kids just went on a bike ride. I should have gone, maybe, but I have a freelance project due at the end of this week and I need to put some hours in. So I had better get to it.

Sad and tired and headachy. And fat.

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  1. I've been good with my diet all day and I am feeling much better and more positive. I can do this!