Monday, April 25, 2011

Later that day

My nutrition has been great today and I feel so much healthier. The difference from this morning is amazing. I didn't have any chocolate today - I had a few calories left this evening but had half a tub of yoghurt instead.

We took our bikes to a bike park today. My husband rides to and from work every day but he didn't get to ride today, he had to look after our kids who both still have training wheels. No way we could have fit four bikes in the car in any case, he had to take mine apart and squeeze most of it in the back seat with the kids while theirs went in the boot. I have only ridden this new bike once (plus getting it home from the shop when I fell off on my first attempt at stopping) since I got it for Christmas, but my shoulder is much improved and I am increasing my range of exercise. I ride a reclining bike at the gym (Is that the right name? It doesn't actually recline, but it has a back and you sit in it like a chair with legs pointing forward instead of straddling a seat. Anyway...) so I thought I would be somewhat used to it but it wasn't the same at all. Quite apart from my nervousness at being on a real bike that could be fallen off, it used quite different muscles - mainly the lower thighs. I rode for about 25 minutes around a looping track. About 3km all together, I think. Not much, but my legs were burning even with a break in the middle. I was scared of going fast - I even braked on the gentle downhill slopes. Oh well, I am sure I will improve. The kids had a great time.

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