Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mmmm, lamb

Still going strong after THREE days! Go me.

I weighed myself this morning, 84.4kg. 400g in 2 days. Woo hoo! Ok, I know that it will fluctuate a lot (I was UP 100g yesterday) but it still makes me feel good to see it. And if I go back up tomorrow, I won't feel bad because my lady time (as other bloggers have called it) is about to start and I am probably retaining fluids. I am certainly drinking plenty. 10 glasses yesterday.

I didn't exercise today; no time to go to the gym and it was raining so I didn't walk excuse excuse. But my calories are nice and low, 960, so I can even still have a mini-snack for supper if I need to. 5 grapes or something lol. All those vegetables are really filling, and I have done well at balancing my nutrition, I think. Low-fat milk on my cereal and yoghurt and a tiny piece of cheese for dairy, some bread and lots of vegetables and fruit for carbs, meat for protein.

And 2 lamb chops for dinner. Mmm, lamb.

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