Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sunday stepping

Home scales today read 81.4 (more or less), the gym 80.3. So I am not yet down to last week's weight, but getting there. Had a good dieting day yesterday. Tomorrow is the official 2-week point.

I worked really hard at the gym this morning. It was the 50/50 class - half aerobics/half bodystep. Much more exhausting than zumba. By the time we even got to the step half I was pretty tired and sweaty and red in the face, and still had the hardest part to go! It was great!

I still do everything at the most basic level, I can hardly imagine being able to leap around like some of the others, and on a much higher step. But I know I will get there. The instructor hurt her back yesterday so she was taking it easy. Luckily the rest of the class go regularly (I used to go quite often too) so they knew all the moves. I was doing about the same level as the instructor - I don't think she broke a sweat.

I could go and have a nap right now... but it's Sunday and I had better spend some time with the family.

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