Sunday, May 1, 2011

Two weeks

My official 2 week weigh-in this morning was, as usual, inconclusive. I had some horrible numbers at first, but persisted with the scales until I got 81.1kg five times in a row. Yes, I admit freely that I kept going until I got a number that I could live with! But also it seemed more realistic than having put on a whole kilo since yesterday. Anyway, the number was later validated at the gym (80.1) - so both scales (eventually) gave me a small loss since yesterday.

Week 0: 82.8

Week 1: 81.2 (loss of 1.6)

Week 2: 81.1 (loss of 0.1)

Obviously not a big loss this week, but after the mid-week numbers I am just glad to have lost any weight at all.

I went to the gym this morning; no group classes scheduled since Monday morning zumba was cancelled so I used treadmill, piked on the cross trainer after 5 mins, and bike. 45 mins all up, not very high intensity.

Finally school holidays are over! So I need to get back to work.

- photo by Garrettc

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