Monday, May 23, 2011

New Plan

My new plan, starting yesterday, involves upping the calorie allowance to 1200 and exercising 5 times a week. Also to work on my other priorities: I tend to look at things on a daily basis which means that priority 1 & 2 generally get done but anything lower on the list never does. I am changing this to weekly scheduling so that even less urgent things do get their turn. Hopefully this will help get my novel written.

Day 1 (and 2) have already been thrown off course. I went to the gym yesterday and did really well - worked hard - but then we had our shots for travelling overseas which meant I had little time for paid work in the afternoon. And my arms are still sore so I didn't go to the gym today.

And I didn't track my food intake yesterday. I loved doing that in the first week, but now it is just boring.

The kids had 2 injections each, Tim and I had 4. Ow. Couldn't sleep on either side last night.

I plan to only weigh myself once a week now. Yesterday I was 81.9 at home and 80.3 at the gym. Not too bad considering the past few weeks indulgences and then the weekend away with lots of alcohol and restarant food and fast food.

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