Friday, May 6, 2011

Bad week

Too much "sometimes" food and no exercise has meant that my weight has crept up again this week. From 81.1kg on Monday it went up to 81.3, then 81.2, 81.7, 81.8 and finally 82.1 today. It makes me feel like a huge failure (huge wasn't intended as a pun) and quite depressed. But I can't change yesterday, only today and the future.

I so want to get under 80kg and stay there as my first goal.

I have already been for a walk today and will go to the gym a bit later, when my husband gets home from his dance class.

It has been a busy and disruptive week. I've been frantically trying to finish my freelance job that already had its deadline extended due to the school holidays and my inability to get much work done with two kids at home. Finished yesterday, yay! My husband had the car on Thursday, and on Friday Tim put a broom handle through a window trying to kill a big spider, so I had to stay home all day to wait for a tradesman who arrived at 6.30pm. But my main reason for not exercising was just that I didn't feel like it.

So, I still have the weekend to recover a bit from the depradations of the week. And get my head back on the right track.

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