Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day

After healthy eating and vigorous exercise yesterday, my weight this morning was back down to 81.4kg. Yay! But it is Mother's Day and I am miserable.

I got presents in bed this morning; but then Jasmine had a birthday party to go to, some distance away, so my husband spent all morning shuttling her back and forth. I didn't mind that, but now he and the kids have gone out for a bike ride. I had a bit of a cry straight after they left. Partly because I am feeling lonely, and sad that they wouldn't do what I wanted to do (Singstar), but also because I feel such a coward. They wanted me to come with them and I was wavering the whole time but I am still a bit nervous on my new bike and it was just easier to sit at home. And now I feel awful. Another life fail.

I feel like I have spent Mother's Day playing computer games (alone), reading (alone), Singstar (alone) and folding clothes (alone). And when my family gets home I will be in the kitchen making dinner (alone). What a fun day. It is partly my fault, I could have chosen to go with them everywhere, but I am certainly not feeling very pampered.

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