Monday, April 30, 2012

Under 75 kg! Woo hoo!


I weighed 74.8 kg this morning (home scale)! I was so astonished I hardly knew to be happy about it. I thought about getting back on to check but that is a slippery slope -- I am just going to accept that my hard work sticking to the plan has paid off. That is my first 5 kg finally achieved since I started trying to lose weight last July, I didn't really lose anything until I started Weight Watchers in Feb this year. I was 79.9 kg (home scale) on 1 Feb 2012. I hope to get my 5% weight loss at my WW meeting this Friday (need to be 76.2 kg down from starting weight 80.2 clothed). I've earned another charm, a fancy one this time. The prettiest one I can find and damn the expense! Woo hoo! And this is with TTOM rapidly approaching.

Quick US conversion:
starting weight 79.9 kg -- 175.8 pounds
current weight 74.8 kg -- 164.6 pounds
goal weight 58 kg -- 127.6 pounds

58 kg is the top my my healthy weight range, I am only 152 cm (5 foot) tall.

I did a short Zumba class today. I have started keeping track of all the tracks and how much I like them so that I can build my own routine with my favourites. I also have a goal of getting 5 stars for every track. I haven't tried a "high intensity" class yet, only low and medium. There are 42 different routines of various lengths and intensities.

I spent a lot of time this morning calling around for tradesmen, we need two more jobs done and they all seem really busy -- especially the gas heater repair men! After a cool summer we are having a very cold autumn. I need to get some editing work done.

Breakfast trials

Monday evening:

Another good eating day, stuck to my 26 PP, and with this vege broth I'm making for supper I'll get my five veges in. Two dairy but only one fruit today. I could have had an apple for supper but decided I really wanted my spicy vegetable soup instead. Counting the soup I'll also manage 6 serves of fluid, my best for a while.

I finally did some exercise today after about nine days off. I walked the kids to school (1 PP) and then did half an hour of medium-intensity Zumba (2 PP). I had planned to do more but I guess I am out of the habit of pushing myself. And I blame breakfast.

I had been in a bit of breakfast rut, I have always struggled with it and my default is cruskits with butter and vegemite -- no nutritional value or staying power. The salty crunch is all I want in the mornings, but I've been working on it. I've had a different breakfast each day since Friday and they have all kept me going until lunchtime -- except today. It wasn't just because I exercised, either, because my stomach started grumbling at about 10.30 before I did my Zumba. Today's was an embarrassingly unhealthy cereal. Sweet and yummy -- would make a great dessert! -- but not good for breakfast. I'm rather enjoying the experiment of finding how I feel after various foods.

In the spirit of which I bought some rolled oats today and plan to have them for breakfast tomorrow. My daughter has always like those sweetened flavoured quick oats but I thought they were like glue. I only recently learned that the oats in those are cut up really finely so they cook quickly, so I am hoping the different texture of the whole rolled oats will make them more palatable. Jasmine is quite excited to try them, I hope she isn't getting her hopes up too much. I don't expect to love them, but hope I like them. It would be a nice breakfast for these cold mornings. Even with full-fat milk and a teaspoon of sugar it should be about 6 PP.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Born again Weight Watchers advertisement

Monday morning:

It only took me three days back on plan to lose the extra weight I put on over April. Yay! 1.4 kg in three days! I am back to my lowest of 75.3 kg (home scales). I guess Weight Watchers really does work, when I stick to it.

That's the thing, though, with diets. Just about any diet will cause you to lose weight, at least in the short term, as you are restricting calories. In that sense, most diets "work". But of course I want more than that. It has to be healthy in the long term and sustainable in the long term. WW is real food focusing on fruit and vegetables and wholegrains and lean meat but also encourages dairy and healthy fats. And it also allows treats. I could do an ad for them, couldn't I! Anyway, I was getting a little worried. I haven't had any huge losses and after only two months of being relatively good I fell off the wagon at Easter and couldn't seem to get back on. I was lightly toying with the idea of giving up and no longer paying them all that money. What do I pay, $65 a month? Something like that. Two kg in three months (after regaining a bit) means I was paying nearly $100 per kg. But I am back on track and feeling positive and that it is worth it. Say I continue to lose a fairly slow kg per month (my average now that I have re-lost that extra). $65 a kg is still a lot. 22 kg in total to lose, that is an eventual $1430. A lot of money, not even including continuing fees as I maintain (not sure how that works, I'll have to ask about that. I know meetings become free but don't know about all the online stuff).

So am I willing to pay $1430 to get to my goal weight? Be slender and healthy and fit and not tired all the time and not hating how I look in the mirror? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. One thousand four hundred and thirty times yes. If WW is the thing that works best to help me get there -- and so far it seems to be -- then it is worth the money. We pay more than that for a holiday to Queensland! It is up to me to stick to the rules. They work. I have already proved that to myself. And I know I can stick to it for months at a time, at least -- unlike other diets where I have a record of about two weeks or maybe two days!

Looking at that time frame, 22 months from this last February, could be discouraging. That is Christmas next year. But Christmas 2013 is going to come whether I lose the weight or not. A steady loss means I'll be down to around 70 kg this year and my goal weight of 58 kg next. Abandoning any weight-loss efforts because I think it's too slow or too hard or too far away means this Christmas I'll be back up to 80 kg and next year I shudder to think. So onwards and downwards!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Still going strong on day two


I've had another really good eating day. Well, ok, I had crumpets with honey for breakfast. But I checked the PP first and fit them into my plan. For lunch I made a big chicken and vegetable stir-fry. The kids were a bit puzzled that we were having a "dinner" for lunch, but I wanted something I really enjoyed that had lots of vegetables. Then for dinner we had tacos, with measured meat and cheese but lots of salad. Fruit for snacks and one cup of tea. I ended up eating into 2 of my weekly PP, which I think is fine.

Clearly there are things there that a super healthy macro-biotic person would shudder in horror at -- commercially manufactured crumpets! taco shells! oh the humanity! -- but I feel that it was a good balanced menu that I can sustain and also keep the family happy with. I'm making a batch of 0 PP vegetable soup to snack on as well. Two good days in a row, woo hoo!

This morning I had a headache and sneezing and runny nose, so although I got better throughout the day I still didn't exercise. I should have gone out for a walk at least, but didn't.

I did a little bit of proofreading work today while Tim took the kids to the pool (indoor, heated) but mainly I played Rift, doing some virtual fishing. Pointless but relaxing. Except when there are virtual crocodiles nearby.

Friday, April 27, 2012

WW weigh-in 10: 78.2 kg; up 1.0 kg


I went to my Weight Watchers weigh-in this morning, prepared to have gained half a kilo or so. I gained a whole kilo over the past two weeks! Arg! That means that in my 12 (I think) weeks in WW I have lost a grand total of 2 kg. Not good. But on the positive side I have been good today. I bought lots of healthy food, planned my menu for the next few days, and ate well today. And I tracked everything! Of course it is much easier to track when you are not having to admit to a plateful of fat and sugar.

This is my idea of a balanced day's eating:
Breakfast; 1 slice low-GI high-fibre toast with peanut butter (protein and carbs!) and a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon.
Lunch; Spicy noodle soup with lots of vegetables.
Afternoon snack; Watermelon, cup of tea with milk and sugar, 100g yoghurt.
Dinner; Oven-baked barramundi (white fish) with lemon, potato roasted with olive oil, whole small cucumber, half a tomato.
Evening; Grapes, water with a squeeze of lemon.
I only had one serve of dairy, but I still have 4 PP left. I don't plan to use them, I don't plan to eat in the evenings. I do need to watch that, like many people I avoid too much dairy because it is high in fat/calories/PP. But the main problem here is not enough fluids. Insane, especially when I have a sore throat. Even including the soup, that is only four drinks today when I should be having six as a minimum. This needs to be a priority. Still, I'm proud of the 5 vegetables and 2 fruit.

Unfortunately I didn't exercise. My throat is quite sore again today, just when I thought I was over my flu, and I just heard that a neighbour I spent time with two evenings ago is down with a high fever ... more germs! I totally need to get over this! I haven't exercised for over a week now. This morning I just wanted to spend the day in bed. Yesterday afternoon I fell asleep in the audience of the live performance of James and the Giant Peach that I took the kids to. I guess I'm not totally better yet.

I didn't stay for the WW meeting as I had the kids with me, but the Leader gave me the handout for a challenge she was introducing, basically 21 days of getting back to healthy basics. This week is preparation week where we are supposed to menu plan and re-read our orange folders and write down our goals for the challenge etc; then the following three weeks we have to stick to our ProPoints and exercise five days a week -- things we should be doing anyway but it really suits me at the moment as I get back on track.

April has been a bit of disaster, but May is going to be great!

I need to find some new recipes though. I have a few heathy meals that I like, but my old repertoire included a lot of cream and cheese and frying. I subscribe to the WW magazine and also have one of their cookbooks but very few of their recipes appeal so I've mainly been modifying less-healthy options. I need to find or create a few more. They had some WW brand sauces on special this week but I'm not really interested in something made of artificial ingredients, no matter how low in ProPoints. Catherine, my leader, gave the kids a packet of salt & vinegar rice crackers each while we were waiting and they really enjoyed them but I passed -- I don't really like s&v and they weren't in my plan for the day. All rice crackers are pretty low in PP anyway and most brands cost about 1/3 as much as the WW ones.

I did, however, indulge in the taste-test of the new Yoplait yoghurt formula in the supermarket and I liked it enough to buy a tub of the raspberry. But as usual I was shocked by the PP value; 3 PP for only 100g -- about half a normal serve. Yohurt is okay, and I feel like it is healthy and virtuous, but I would much rather have 30g of full-fat cheese for my 3 PP of dairy than a few mouthfuls of yoghurt. I don't want to buy the low calorie ones full of artificial sweetners and who knows what else, so I guess I'll continue to occasionally buy new brands of yoghurt but rarely eat them. Tim has yoghurt nearly every day, luckily, so it isn't wasted. I occasionally get those little Yakult drinking yoghurts, which are delicious and full of good probiotics and things, but my kids like them so much I don't get many for myself. They are very expensive. But they taste like melted vanilla ice-cream.

I look forward to a good night's sleep and a healthy & restful weekend.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

School holidays nearly over


I thought having time without work (paid work at least) would give me more time to exercise but without my regular routine I have been very slack. School holidays have just made that worse -- we've had no routine at all. I lie in bed while the kids watch TV in the morning, play computer games, wander out to some activity or other in the afternoon. We've had houseguests and lots of snacking. My weight is creeping up a little bit and that is just not on. Weigh in tomorrow, kids back to school on Monday and starting a new project, back into my routine. I'm working hard on tracking today. I need to reintroduce lots more fluids, more fruit and veges, less junk. Last night after D&D supper I cleared out the treats cupboard and got rid of most of it, it had built up to a surprising extent with half empty chocolate boxes and packets of biscuits. There are still some things for the kids and my fun-size treats.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Feeling down


I've been sick for the past few days so I haven't exercised but at least my eating has been moderate. Still can't be bothered tracking. This flu, or whatever it is, has me feeling really depressed which is difficult. My symptoms are headache and fatigue and general body ache, with a bit of a sore throat. Little Aiden is worse, with a barking cough and some breathing issues. I feel like he and I have both been getting sick a lot lately, I guess he picks up every bug at Kindergarten -- I know two of his best friends are also sick atm. He is having trouble sleeping with all his coughing.

I didn't go to WW on Friday due to sickness but my weight has been pretty stable, small ups and downs each day. I am hovering around 76 kg (home scale).

I could write a whole miserable post but I think it is just the flu-sadness talking so I won't. My dad is visiting tomorrow night with his new girlfriend so I hope I am better by then.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Downward Spiral


Maybe not tracking over Easter wasn't such a good idea. I haven't been able to get back into it properly since then, my record-keeping has been sporadic at best. Ironically this week's topic at WW was tracking! I have been snacking with the kids, who are home on school holidays, and not exercising very much. Cheese & crackers for supper with my brother-in-law, cake at a cafe yesterday and pizza for dinner tonight because I didn't want to cook. My meals have been pretty good, apart from tonight, but lots of in-betweens.

Each day I vow to pull out of this downward spiral but I have been getting worse not better; leftover Easter eggs, cake at a kids' party, dessert, whatever I want.

So, the two rules are: track everything. Even if it is bad. And drink more water, I've gone back to my bad old ways of only a couple of glasses a day. I'm sure my constant dehydration and my constant snacking are connected.

Oh, and exercise.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

WW weigh-in week 8: 77.2 kg; sts


I went to my Weight Watchers meeting this morning and, as expected, my weight has remained the same over the past two weeks since I was last weighed. I call this a win, considering Easter happened in the middle. The meeting was about how important tracking is; I already do it but it was nice to chat about.

I didn't do a lot of exercise over the past week; Easter, sunburn, a pulled hamstring and then Rift (more on this later) intruded. But I bought two new Kinect games -- Biggest Loser and Zumba -- and have tried them both. The Biggest Loser one is a series of exercises; jumping jacks and push ups and the like. I found it quite challenging but a bit boring. There is no fun music or game to it, just following the moves on the screen. The best part is that it tracks your progess. It scanned my body and was amazingly accurate in measurements, and put me through a test to check my level of fitness before creating a custom program. I plan to do the routine sometimes, but it is not very inspiring.

Zumba, on the other hand, was great fun. I have done classes in the gym and liked them at first but the instructor went in a direction I didn't like with routines I didn't enjoy so much. The best thing about the Kinect version is that I can put together my own playlists of my favourite tracks. I just need to get familiar with them first. I did a "short" routine today -- it turned out to be about 20 mins -- and then some single tracks and got 4 or 5 stars for all of them. I recognised two from the gym, the rest were new to me. There seems to be quite a lot of choice, and each track is rated for its energy level.

My sunburn is fine now, but my shoulders are peeling. Urg.

The main reason I haven't done a lot of exercise is my newfound Rift addiction. Tim has been playing this computer game since it came out quite a while ago and has often suggested I would enjoy it but I wasn't ready to plunge into anything new. I'm rather glad I didn't while I was working on big projects. I've been playing a lot since I started on Monday, and it's been hard to drag myself away to do anything else. I need to pull back a bit.

School holidays started at 3 this afternoon, so the kids are home for the next two weeks and we also have various family members visiting over that time. I'll have to plan lots of activities. I'm going to make sure I serve healthy meals not the usual cream-laden "company" dinners.

Although I have only lost 3 kg so far on WW, I have lost 7 kg overall since my highest weight last year and I am much happier in my body. My breasts stick out more than my stomach again!

Sunday, April 8, 2012



I decided not to track over Easter. I have not been absolutely stuffing myself, but I've been a lot more relaxed about food. Chocolate eggs, pork crackling, and French toast. I also haven't really done any exercise, though that was more to do with my sore sunburnt shoulders. I'm taking a little break from being healthy.

It's been a nice three days. Lots of relaxing at home, an afternoon Easter Egg hunt with friends, an evening bonfire and Easter Egg hunt with other friends. We cleaned the fish tank and bought some little neon tetras to brighten it up, and rearranged the furniture in the lounge room. I've played computer games quite a bit. I've eaten plenty of chocolate and other nice things, and read books I've wanted to read for a while. Today in particular I've felt very relaxed. So I don't regret this time away from weight loss, I'll return refreshed on Tuesday after I've eaten some more chocolate tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


My sunburn is much worse than I thought. It took several hours to develop, but by the time I got home from from picking up the kids from school I was lobster-red and feeling quite ill. I had to lie down in a cool dark room for a while. I put on lots of cream and tried to drink plenty of water to rehydrate, and went to bed early, but I am still very sore and unwell this morning. Maybe heat stroke or something as well as the sunburn?
I feel so stupid. I get caught out by sunburn too often, I should know better by now. I have very fair skin and burn easily. I guess we have had such a cool rainy cloudy summer and autumn that I was caught unawares by a hot sunny day. I wore a hat, and sunglasses, but no sunscreen; even though I expected to be out in the sun for nearly an hour (and it ended up being more than two hours). It always takes hours for my skin to go red so I can't tell by looking at myself as it is burning.
The cap mainly protected my face, and my legs are only very lightly pink. My arms were quite red last night but they have faded already. But I have a collar of deep maroon around my shoulders and upper chest and up the sides of my neck. It hurts. I just need to rest today.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What not to do.


Oh dear. My eating has been terrible the past couple of days. PMS plus available junk is a dangerous combination. I won't go into details; but it has involved cheese (not junk, but fatty), chocolate, and Doritos.

Ok, onto the good. I have exercised each day. This morning I went to the lake. It was a beautiful warm autumn day -- in fact a little too hot for running, and I even got sunburnt -- and I started off strongly, alternating walking and jogging. I was making pretty good time, but I got to about half way around the 5 km circuit and just ran out of juice. I couldn't spur myself into another jog. Not surprising really, considering the rubbish I have been fueling myself with. I walked the rest of the way and ended with a time of 56 mins. I felt like this was not a great effort, so I just kept walking. I did a second lap. My legs were already tired from the running and my feet got really sore by the end, but I did 10 km today.

I had an embarressing incident when I visited the toilets at the lake. It was a unisex cubicle that opened directly out the the public path. I locked the door and even rattled it to check it was secure, but a few moments later I had just pulled up my undies but not my shorts when the door opened! The woman quickly made an apologetic noise and pulled the door shut. I just glad it was a woman, and not 10 seconds earlier.

I burned my arm on the edge of the wok while I was making a stir fry for my lunch; so I currently have a 10 cm long sore line there, sunburnt shoulders, aching legs, and sore feet. Not feeling at my best. But at least I have done my exercise for the day.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Overeating again already?

Sunday evening:

Ok, so just when I think I am back on track ... the past two days I have gone over my daily points by 9 PP each day. Last night I had that little supper, including a nip of Cointreau. Fine if it is just an occasional thing. Today I had a three squares of chocolate (4 PP; again, fine if occasional) and then ate way too much roast lamb and potatoes. Quite fatty too. Not so fine. I've got Easter coming up next weekend, I can't be weak now!

I also didn't exercise today. I felt really tired this morning and heavy in the head, I was also a bit worried about my shoulder that I hurt yesterday even though it seems fine today. I just didn't feel like it. I wouldn't stress about a rest day if it wasn't for the overeating.

Luckily every day is a new day. Every moment is a new moment. Refocus as of now.