Monday, April 30, 2012

Breakfast trials

Monday evening:

Another good eating day, stuck to my 26 PP, and with this vege broth I'm making for supper I'll get my five veges in. Two dairy but only one fruit today. I could have had an apple for supper but decided I really wanted my spicy vegetable soup instead. Counting the soup I'll also manage 6 serves of fluid, my best for a while.

I finally did some exercise today after about nine days off. I walked the kids to school (1 PP) and then did half an hour of medium-intensity Zumba (2 PP). I had planned to do more but I guess I am out of the habit of pushing myself. And I blame breakfast.

I had been in a bit of breakfast rut, I have always struggled with it and my default is cruskits with butter and vegemite -- no nutritional value or staying power. The salty crunch is all I want in the mornings, but I've been working on it. I've had a different breakfast each day since Friday and they have all kept me going until lunchtime -- except today. It wasn't just because I exercised, either, because my stomach started grumbling at about 10.30 before I did my Zumba. Today's was an embarrassingly unhealthy cereal. Sweet and yummy -- would make a great dessert! -- but not good for breakfast. I'm rather enjoying the experiment of finding how I feel after various foods.

In the spirit of which I bought some rolled oats today and plan to have them for breakfast tomorrow. My daughter has always like those sweetened flavoured quick oats but I thought they were like glue. I only recently learned that the oats in those are cut up really finely so they cook quickly, so I am hoping the different texture of the whole rolled oats will make them more palatable. Jasmine is quite excited to try them, I hope she isn't getting her hopes up too much. I don't expect to love them, but hope I like them. It would be a nice breakfast for these cold mornings. Even with full-fat milk and a teaspoon of sugar it should be about 6 PP.

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