Saturday, April 21, 2012

Feeling down


I've been sick for the past few days so I haven't exercised but at least my eating has been moderate. Still can't be bothered tracking. This flu, or whatever it is, has me feeling really depressed which is difficult. My symptoms are headache and fatigue and general body ache, with a bit of a sore throat. Little Aiden is worse, with a barking cough and some breathing issues. I feel like he and I have both been getting sick a lot lately, I guess he picks up every bug at Kindergarten -- I know two of his best friends are also sick atm. He is having trouble sleeping with all his coughing.

I didn't go to WW on Friday due to sickness but my weight has been pretty stable, small ups and downs each day. I am hovering around 76 kg (home scale).

I could write a whole miserable post but I think it is just the flu-sadness talking so I won't. My dad is visiting tomorrow night with his new girlfriend so I hope I am better by then.

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