Friday, April 27, 2012

WW weigh-in 10: 78.2 kg; up 1.0 kg


I went to my Weight Watchers weigh-in this morning, prepared to have gained half a kilo or so. I gained a whole kilo over the past two weeks! Arg! That means that in my 12 (I think) weeks in WW I have lost a grand total of 2 kg. Not good. But on the positive side I have been good today. I bought lots of healthy food, planned my menu for the next few days, and ate well today. And I tracked everything! Of course it is much easier to track when you are not having to admit to a plateful of fat and sugar.

This is my idea of a balanced day's eating:
Breakfast; 1 slice low-GI high-fibre toast with peanut butter (protein and carbs!) and a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon.
Lunch; Spicy noodle soup with lots of vegetables.
Afternoon snack; Watermelon, cup of tea with milk and sugar, 100g yoghurt.
Dinner; Oven-baked barramundi (white fish) with lemon, potato roasted with olive oil, whole small cucumber, half a tomato.
Evening; Grapes, water with a squeeze of lemon.
I only had one serve of dairy, but I still have 4 PP left. I don't plan to use them, I don't plan to eat in the evenings. I do need to watch that, like many people I avoid too much dairy because it is high in fat/calories/PP. But the main problem here is not enough fluids. Insane, especially when I have a sore throat. Even including the soup, that is only four drinks today when I should be having six as a minimum. This needs to be a priority. Still, I'm proud of the 5 vegetables and 2 fruit.

Unfortunately I didn't exercise. My throat is quite sore again today, just when I thought I was over my flu, and I just heard that a neighbour I spent time with two evenings ago is down with a high fever ... more germs! I totally need to get over this! I haven't exercised for over a week now. This morning I just wanted to spend the day in bed. Yesterday afternoon I fell asleep in the audience of the live performance of James and the Giant Peach that I took the kids to. I guess I'm not totally better yet.

I didn't stay for the WW meeting as I had the kids with me, but the Leader gave me the handout for a challenge she was introducing, basically 21 days of getting back to healthy basics. This week is preparation week where we are supposed to menu plan and re-read our orange folders and write down our goals for the challenge etc; then the following three weeks we have to stick to our ProPoints and exercise five days a week -- things we should be doing anyway but it really suits me at the moment as I get back on track.

April has been a bit of disaster, but May is going to be great!

I need to find some new recipes though. I have a few heathy meals that I like, but my old repertoire included a lot of cream and cheese and frying. I subscribe to the WW magazine and also have one of their cookbooks but very few of their recipes appeal so I've mainly been modifying less-healthy options. I need to find or create a few more. They had some WW brand sauces on special this week but I'm not really interested in something made of artificial ingredients, no matter how low in ProPoints. Catherine, my leader, gave the kids a packet of salt & vinegar rice crackers each while we were waiting and they really enjoyed them but I passed -- I don't really like s&v and they weren't in my plan for the day. All rice crackers are pretty low in PP anyway and most brands cost about 1/3 as much as the WW ones.

I did, however, indulge in the taste-test of the new Yoplait yoghurt formula in the supermarket and I liked it enough to buy a tub of the raspberry. But as usual I was shocked by the PP value; 3 PP for only 100g -- about half a normal serve. Yohurt is okay, and I feel like it is healthy and virtuous, but I would much rather have 30g of full-fat cheese for my 3 PP of dairy than a few mouthfuls of yoghurt. I don't want to buy the low calorie ones full of artificial sweetners and who knows what else, so I guess I'll continue to occasionally buy new brands of yoghurt but rarely eat them. Tim has yoghurt nearly every day, luckily, so it isn't wasted. I occasionally get those little Yakult drinking yoghurts, which are delicious and full of good probiotics and things, but my kids like them so much I don't get many for myself. They are very expensive. But they taste like melted vanilla ice-cream.

I look forward to a good night's sleep and a healthy & restful weekend.

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