Wednesday, April 4, 2012


My sunburn is much worse than I thought. It took several hours to develop, but by the time I got home from from picking up the kids from school I was lobster-red and feeling quite ill. I had to lie down in a cool dark room for a while. I put on lots of cream and tried to drink plenty of water to rehydrate, and went to bed early, but I am still very sore and unwell this morning. Maybe heat stroke or something as well as the sunburn?
I feel so stupid. I get caught out by sunburn too often, I should know better by now. I have very fair skin and burn easily. I guess we have had such a cool rainy cloudy summer and autumn that I was caught unawares by a hot sunny day. I wore a hat, and sunglasses, but no sunscreen; even though I expected to be out in the sun for nearly an hour (and it ended up being more than two hours). It always takes hours for my skin to go red so I can't tell by looking at myself as it is burning.
The cap mainly protected my face, and my legs are only very lightly pink. My arms were quite red last night but they have faded already. But I have a collar of deep maroon around my shoulders and upper chest and up the sides of my neck. It hurts. I just need to rest today.

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