Monday, April 30, 2012

Under 75 kg! Woo hoo!


I weighed 74.8 kg this morning (home scale)! I was so astonished I hardly knew to be happy about it. I thought about getting back on to check but that is a slippery slope -- I am just going to accept that my hard work sticking to the plan has paid off. That is my first 5 kg finally achieved since I started trying to lose weight last July, I didn't really lose anything until I started Weight Watchers in Feb this year. I was 79.9 kg (home scale) on 1 Feb 2012. I hope to get my 5% weight loss at my WW meeting this Friday (need to be 76.2 kg down from starting weight 80.2 clothed). I've earned another charm, a fancy one this time. The prettiest one I can find and damn the expense! Woo hoo! And this is with TTOM rapidly approaching.

Quick US conversion:
starting weight 79.9 kg -- 175.8 pounds
current weight 74.8 kg -- 164.6 pounds
goal weight 58 kg -- 127.6 pounds

58 kg is the top my my healthy weight range, I am only 152 cm (5 foot) tall.

I did a short Zumba class today. I have started keeping track of all the tracks and how much I like them so that I can build my own routine with my favourites. I also have a goal of getting 5 stars for every track. I haven't tried a "high intensity" class yet, only low and medium. There are 42 different routines of various lengths and intensities.

I spent a lot of time this morning calling around for tradesmen, we need two more jobs done and they all seem really busy -- especially the gas heater repair men! After a cool summer we are having a very cold autumn. I need to get some editing work done.

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