Thursday, April 12, 2012

WW weigh-in week 8: 77.2 kg; sts


I went to my Weight Watchers meeting this morning and, as expected, my weight has remained the same over the past two weeks since I was last weighed. I call this a win, considering Easter happened in the middle. The meeting was about how important tracking is; I already do it but it was nice to chat about.

I didn't do a lot of exercise over the past week; Easter, sunburn, a pulled hamstring and then Rift (more on this later) intruded. But I bought two new Kinect games -- Biggest Loser and Zumba -- and have tried them both. The Biggest Loser one is a series of exercises; jumping jacks and push ups and the like. I found it quite challenging but a bit boring. There is no fun music or game to it, just following the moves on the screen. The best part is that it tracks your progess. It scanned my body and was amazingly accurate in measurements, and put me through a test to check my level of fitness before creating a custom program. I plan to do the routine sometimes, but it is not very inspiring.

Zumba, on the other hand, was great fun. I have done classes in the gym and liked them at first but the instructor went in a direction I didn't like with routines I didn't enjoy so much. The best thing about the Kinect version is that I can put together my own playlists of my favourite tracks. I just need to get familiar with them first. I did a "short" routine today -- it turned out to be about 20 mins -- and then some single tracks and got 4 or 5 stars for all of them. I recognised two from the gym, the rest were new to me. There seems to be quite a lot of choice, and each track is rated for its energy level.

My sunburn is fine now, but my shoulders are peeling. Urg.

The main reason I haven't done a lot of exercise is my newfound Rift addiction. Tim has been playing this computer game since it came out quite a while ago and has often suggested I would enjoy it but I wasn't ready to plunge into anything new. I'm rather glad I didn't while I was working on big projects. I've been playing a lot since I started on Monday, and it's been hard to drag myself away to do anything else. I need to pull back a bit.

School holidays started at 3 this afternoon, so the kids are home for the next two weeks and we also have various family members visiting over that time. I'll have to plan lots of activities. I'm going to make sure I serve healthy meals not the usual cream-laden "company" dinners.

Although I have only lost 3 kg so far on WW, I have lost 7 kg overall since my highest weight last year and I am much happier in my body. My breasts stick out more than my stomach again!

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