Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What not to do.


Oh dear. My eating has been terrible the past couple of days. PMS plus available junk is a dangerous combination. I won't go into details; but it has involved cheese (not junk, but fatty), chocolate, and Doritos.

Ok, onto the good. I have exercised each day. This morning I went to the lake. It was a beautiful warm autumn day -- in fact a little too hot for running, and I even got sunburnt -- and I started off strongly, alternating walking and jogging. I was making pretty good time, but I got to about half way around the 5 km circuit and just ran out of juice. I couldn't spur myself into another jog. Not surprising really, considering the rubbish I have been fueling myself with. I walked the rest of the way and ended with a time of 56 mins. I felt like this was not a great effort, so I just kept walking. I did a second lap. My legs were already tired from the running and my feet got really sore by the end, but I did 10 km today.

I had an embarressing incident when I visited the toilets at the lake. It was a unisex cubicle that opened directly out the the public path. I locked the door and even rattled it to check it was secure, but a few moments later I had just pulled up my undies but not my shorts when the door opened! The woman quickly made an apologetic noise and pulled the door shut. I just glad it was a woman, and not 10 seconds earlier.

I burned my arm on the edge of the wok while I was making a stir fry for my lunch; so I currently have a 10 cm long sore line there, sunburnt shoulders, aching legs, and sore feet. Not feeling at my best. But at least I have done my exercise for the day.

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