Saturday, April 28, 2012

Still going strong on day two


I've had another really good eating day. Well, ok, I had crumpets with honey for breakfast. But I checked the PP first and fit them into my plan. For lunch I made a big chicken and vegetable stir-fry. The kids were a bit puzzled that we were having a "dinner" for lunch, but I wanted something I really enjoyed that had lots of vegetables. Then for dinner we had tacos, with measured meat and cheese but lots of salad. Fruit for snacks and one cup of tea. I ended up eating into 2 of my weekly PP, which I think is fine.

Clearly there are things there that a super healthy macro-biotic person would shudder in horror at -- commercially manufactured crumpets! taco shells! oh the humanity! -- but I feel that it was a good balanced menu that I can sustain and also keep the family happy with. I'm making a batch of 0 PP vegetable soup to snack on as well. Two good days in a row, woo hoo!

This morning I had a headache and sneezing and runny nose, so although I got better throughout the day I still didn't exercise. I should have gone out for a walk at least, but didn't.

I did a little bit of proofreading work today while Tim took the kids to the pool (indoor, heated) but mainly I played Rift, doing some virtual fishing. Pointless but relaxing. Except when there are virtual crocodiles nearby.

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