Friday, September 4, 2015

Auction nerves


The auction for the house we love is tomorrow. We are really nervous! We are trying to resign ourselves to quite possibly not getting it but it's hard not to hope. Tim's cousin has been looking in the same area for over a year without success, the auctions keep going over his budget. We have a little more to spend so fingers crossed. Last time we saw him we were joking about how we could end up bidding against each other! At least if we saw each other at an auction we could sort it out between us, but it would be very unfortunate if it was a private treaty house and we were each individually competing over the phone and not knowing who the other bidder was! I don't think that will happen though, we are not looking for quite the same thing.

It doesn't help our nerves that our real estate agent for selling this house was talking to us last night about how he will maximise the price paid to us at our auction. Tim and I both couldn't help thinking about how that will be working against us as buyers when the other people's agents are doing the same things!

I did my twice-weekly grocery shopping this morning and was driving home when it occurred to me that I no longer have a small fridge with a broken shelf. I have a medium-size fridge with all its shelves. I could probably fit a whole week's worth of groceries in instead of shopping twice a week! I think I'd run out of fruit before the end of the week though. (I don't put fruit in the fridge, but still have to fit it in the house somehow.) Did you know if a household of four people eat their recommended two pieces of fruit a day each, that is 56 pieces of fruit a week! That is a lot of fruit.

Wish me luck for tomorrow.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Getting the house ready for sale


We had the real estate agent visit tonight to sign up for him selling our house, so I spent the entire day flat out cleaning. I had already packed pretty much all the things we can live without for a couple of months, but I still had the things we are keeping unpacked to tidy away, and all the floors to vacuum etc. I had the whole house sparkling. And guess what? He didn't even look around! He'd been here six months ago when we first talked about moving and remembered it well enough for tonight's purposes, and he'll visit during the day one time soon to have another look around.... arg! Oh well, with three open houses a week I guess I'll have to keep the house clean all the time for the next six weeks anyway. (Bugger!) But my legs are so tired and my knee is aching and I feel like I spent the whole day cleaning for nothing.

But on the up side, we negotiated all the details with the agent and the house will be on the market in a couple of weeks. As I said to Tim today, I feel like I'm trying to juggle three kittens and a chainsaw. I have to co-ordinate building reports with getting final little repairs done and professional photos taken and lawyers and real estate agents and some have to be finalised before other things. But it is all coming together.

And I got a pretty good housework workout today.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

First day of spring


As you can see, I actually went out for a walk today! The air was full of the scents of wattle and freshly cut grass. Sunny but still a bit cool - but I warmed up enough to take off my jumper. Actually I went for three walks because I also went up to the school in the afternoon, and walked my friend's children home after a play-date here. Total of around an hour today.

That was the only time I spent moving my body, though. I was on the computer the rest of the day; organising a conveyancer (lawyer for house buying and selling), carpet cleaning, real estate agent etc. Not even any packing today!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sorting and packing and cleaning


Sorting and packing and cleaning. It was great having Tim here helping, we've made a lot of progress. And the kids got to recover from their late night.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dance concert


The real estate agent got back to us this morning, the seller wants to go to auction which is only a week away now. Which is fine, at least we can be reasonably sure they're not going to sell to someone else in the meantime. So we've got two auctions to go to next Saturday; if we don't win our first choice luckily our second choice is auctioned later in the same day. I want to see that one again before I decide. And we'll also view any suitable new houses.

Most of the day was spent driving Jasmine back and forth for her two concerts today, and of course seeing the evening performance. When I dropped her off for the matinee I had to park a long way away because there was a lot of road works around the theatre blocking access to the main car park (we were warned there would be - I think weekend road work makes sense in most places but not in front of a theatre!!) so I spent some time walking around the area scouting out places to park later in the day. I found a "secret" spot that I think not many parents knew about so it was worth my trouble - we easily found a spot there for the evening performance. It was the most walking I've done in several weeks! And that walking was done during the pleasant daytime rather than late at night in the freezing it's-still-winter-here.

And in the evening we got to see the dance show. It was very good, the older groups were very slick and professional, the younger groups involved my daughter which made them entertaining, and there was one dance (ballet) when tiny little kids came out in the same white tutus as the big girls and danced with them. You should have heard the "awwww" when they came out! We didn't see any other dances with the tiny tots this year because they were only in the daytime show. When everyone came out for bows at the end I did a rough count and my best guess was about 250 students! And I think six of them were boys. No older boys at all.

Jasmine did really well, she was one of the better ones in her classes we (unbiasedly! lol) think. I was especially proud of how well she posed frozen before the music started, some of her classmates couldn't keep still. And she danced well.

There have been complaints this year (which I totally agree with) that the share of stage time was very unfair this year. The older girls studying dance fulltime had many very long routines (too long, if you weren't a parent, even though they were good) whereas for the first time the younger kids didn't even get a full routine. They would dance a bit then run off and another class would run on to continue it. One song might be shared between up to four classes! In the ballet they had a long routine but with every ballet class in the school - Jasmine was on stage for 22 bars of music! That sucked a bit. In past years at least each class had a whole routine. But I suppose the show went on a bit longer then. As it was, we were there until 10:30 which is very late for young children. Aiden drooped all through Act Two.

Complaints aside, it was a good night out and Jasmine loved it and seemed to have no qualms about how much dancing she actually did. And now she can get some much-needed rest.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Making an offer


I was ashamed of the contents of my shopping trolley today. Some days I look down into the trolley with pride: all fresh foods. Today it contained way too much junk. I know you shouldn't shop when you're hungry and I wasn't - but I was really really thirsty. Can that have an effect? Or was it stress/frustration because the bank loan officer emailed me but said he has to check something so we still can't make an offer. For whatever reason, I just kept tossing tasty unhealthy semi-food treats into the trolley. I started with getting a snack for my daughter to have backstage at her three performances starting from tonight, then I needed something for the rest of us to have while watching the concert, then I just build from there. A snack for the weekend! A snack for this afternoon!

Apart from shopping, my day was again packing and de-cluttering and cleaning each drawer as I empty it. By the afternoon I was tired and cranky.

Jasmine is very excited about her first performance tonight (this is her third year of being involved). It's quite a big deal, at Canberra Theatre, with elaborate (expensive!) costumes. She is in two dances. We aren't seeing tonight, we are going to the final performance tomorrow night. Two very late nights for my girl, and after rehearsals all week. I hope it all goes smoothly.

Just as we were walking out the door to take Jasmine to her dance concert, the bank guy rang and approved the house that we loved. I didn't have time right then, so as soon as Aiden and I got home, after 6pm, I called the real estate agent and made the offer for him to pass on to the owner. Very exciting! The real estate agent seems to be of the opinion that the owner will wait for the auction, which is only a week away, which is fine, but he will pass on the offer. At least we've expressed our intentions and know that they are not going to sell it to someone else without knowing we want it. And you never know, a lot of houses do sell before the auction date.

We saw seven or eight houses last weekend and at every one they took my contact details, so all this week the agents have been calling me to ask if I'm interested in that house, why or why not, maybe some other house they have on their books? I don't mind. Today one sent me details of a nice house that has just come on the market - nice by the internet pictures anyway. Good to have more to look at in case we don't get this one. I am not pinning all my hopes on getting one particular house. We did love this particular one though.

I finished my last antibiotic tablet tonight and I am feeling mostly better. Shopping did not exhaust me today. I no longer hobble along like I've been punched in the ovaries. I don't wake in pain during the night. So hopefully whatever-that-was is pretty much over. I should probably start some gentle exercise again!

Thursday, August 27, 2015



We had the gardeners here for a couple of hours yesterday and all day today. Usually they just mow the lawn and prune the shrubs, but this time they were getting the gardens ready for selling the house. New plants, lots of mulch and new gravel. It looks wonderful. Tim had thought their quote was a bit high, but about twelve hours work with two men plus plants and mulch and it suddenly seems reasonable. I think it really adds value to the house. I'll take a photo in the light tomorrow - but I should have taken a "before" shot too! It wasn't terrible before, but it looks great all spruced up.

Still haven't heard from the bank and I have no idea what is taking so long. The loans guy acknowledged my request but I'm wondering if he's been out of the office for a few days. Or busy. Or sick. He has pre-approved the amount we can borrow but needs to approve each house we are interested in, I guess so that we are not borrowing more than it is worth. 'Cause then if we went bankrupt and had to sell the house, the bank wouldn't get their money back. I think that is what it's about.

Tim at last has everything in writing from his employer so I need have no lingering fears that the move is going to fall through.