Monday, August 29, 2016



I guess some days aren't as nice as a day at the beach.

I woke up this morning feeling tired, sad, grumpy, and as if I was coming down with some minor but annoying illness. Nothing unusual there, I feel like that just about every morning! I've learned not to judge any day by the first hour or so. But today the feeling persisted a lot longer than usual, pretty much all day.

I weighed myself to find that the kilogram I'd lost during the week found its way back over the weekend. 83.5 kg. So disappointing. Yes we did have lunch out both days of the weekend and I did have some kind of unhealthy snack or dessert each day (or more than one). But I was still hoping. I'd done so well all week.

I went into a bit of rebellious mood, why keep trying?, and bought a couple of bad things while out shopping. Now my tongue hurts from too much sugar.

Oh, and I feel like going out in the sun is an intelligence test I keep failing. I've had repeated proof all my life that I can't go out into the sun for more than an hour without getting burned. Each time I say this time will be different. I have a hat, sunscreen, clothing, it's winter, I won't get burned this time! But the sun finds a way to attack some part of my body. This time the tops of my feet. When I put sunscreen on I was wearing my shoes, but once we got to the sand I took my shoes off... It's not too bad, I can still wear shoes, but the skin is quite pink and tender. This time was my fault, but even with sunscreen I always burn somewhere. So what should I do when I want to go to the beach or play outside or go for a long walk or visit an amusement park? I get burned every single time, and so does Jasmine, no matter what we do. We have English/Russian skin trying to cope with an Australian sun. Definitely need some kind of shade-cloth when we get our pool.

So anyway, got through the day more or less intact, did some of the things I had planned. Time to watch Survivor.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

At the beach


We had a family day at the beach. It wasn't as hot a couple of weeks ago when I came for my long walk, but still very nice for winter. Even the kids found the water too cold to go in past their feet.

I mostly sat on the beach and watched the kids play in the sand and splash at the water's edge. The sun was warm on my back, the fresh sea air and view were perfect. It was nice to free my feet from shoes and dig my toes into the sand. It was lovely.

New Plates!


We went on an extremely successful shopping trip today. We had eight presents to buy (Father's Day, birthdays, baby showers) and bought almost everything we needed and have ideas for the rest. And we also bought new dinner plates!

We've been using our wedding set since we were married, we chose a set to use not to store away! Nearly all the bowls and some of the plates were chipped after years of child carelessness, and the pattern had almost completely worn away. We now had chipped white plates, plus a few mismatched pieces from other random sets. I've been wanting new ones for a while but hadn't found ones I was completely happy with. So we decided as a family; the only thing I compromised on was that I'd been hoping to find something that had matching serving plates and bowls, and this set didn't. But I love them anyway.
They look a bit darker in the photos than they are in reality. They are aqua. They are from an Australian company called Ecology and are supposedly made in an environmentally friendly way.

I've kept the best of the old plates for when we have a lot of people over, and stored them away out of sight, the chipped ones have all gone in the bin. Oh that felt good!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Bump on the head


My daughter and husband leave for school/work before I crawl out of bed in the morning. By the time I sat down to breakfast today, after getting Aiden ready and off to his school, Jasmine had already been at her school for an hour. And then her school rang for me to come and pick her up. Apparently when the bell rang for her first class, she was hurrying to get there and hit her head on something metal (I'm still not sure what). She went to sick bay with a headache and waited for an hour before getting them to call me. She doesn't like missing school. But her head hurt too much to go to class.

She has a bump and a bit of a headache but otherwise seems ok, luckily. No dizziness or signs of concussion. She just sat and rested with her iPad at home. She was well enough this afternoon to come and do the grocery shopping with me. Scary when something happens to your child.

I noticed when walking around the shops that my foot is absolutely 100% pain free, which is so awesome. The new skin was tender yesterday but healed now. It feels so good to walk without that pebble in my shoe! I couldn't leave my daughter to go out for a walk today (and now it's raining again) but I certainly plan to be much more active. I could join the gym I suppose, but walking along the coast at Cronulla is a lot more appealing than a stinky gym. I am looking out my window at gloomy rain and yearning for fresh sea air and sunshine.

I know that soon I will forget to appreciate the absence of pain, but right now I am revelling in it.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

It's gone!


Time for a bit of a health update. I forgot to mention Monday's weight, it was 83.6 kg, I'm down to 82.7 now after four days of healthy eating so that is great. Mostly water weight but I don't care, it's gone!

Last night the plantar wart on my foot came off! Yay! Please please let that be all of it and not have it grow back. I'm not 100% sure, vinegar isn't kind to skin after weeks of constant applications, so I have what I hope is just some dead skin still hanging on. I'm left with a big crater in my foot, it's pretty raw and tender but I'm sure that will heal quickly. Very happy! In time for spring and the upcoming warmer weather.

Actually I didn't start the day off happy. Night sweats, weird vivid dreams, waking up with pelvic pain, I was tired and a bit sad this morning. Then we didn't have internet access for hours which was frustrating... I don't need internet to edit but I wanted to email Tim something he needed for the afternoon (he didn't get it in time) and I like to start the day with a cup of tea and a browse of my blogs and stuff. So I got a bit frustrated. And I didn't leave the house, which I think is bad for me. It was raining this morning, it cleared up in the afternoon but I still didn't go out. Anyway, I'm fine now and appreciating life again.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016



Pouring rain today so I stayed at home. In the afternoon I sat in front of the TV catching up on America's Next Top Model (the end of cycle 21) and did my editing, snuggled under my lap rug while the rain beat against the windows. Rather nice.

Another good day of heathy eating. I am eating enormous amounts of vegetables. When you can't eat processed junk you have to replace it with something, and I am trying to eat moderate amounts of protein and fat. So the gaps are filled with vegetables. I think I had nine "servings" of vegetables yesterday. I find they are much nicer when covered in something tasty... garlic cream sauce... satay sauce (home made of course). Not exactly low calorie but delicious! Or at least lots of spices. I have not yet learned to love vegetables for their own flavours except for a few.

Tim's father goes to poetry nights where you can get up and read your own poems, there is one tonight near Tim's work so he has gone to it to support his dad. The things you do for family!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Book Club


I finally made it to book club! After going once then missing three months, no one remembered me. But that is ok. The book was "All the Birds Singing" by someoneorother, it starts with a young woman living in fear as a recluse, with something or someone killing the sheep on her farm. It interweaves her lonely life now with flashbacks going further and further back, as she constantly flees from her past, until we finally get back far enough to see how it all started. Depressing book. Lots of sad sex as a prostitute, being held captive by a psycho customer, sheep on the farm being mutilated, hiding knives and hammers all round the house so she have a weapon to hand if she needs it. Everyone in the book club hated it. I at least thought it was well written, although I didn't like the subject matter any more than anyone else. It was nice to get out for a chat with other adults.

Yesterday we had icy rain, it was a bit warmer today so I walked up to the meeting then did some editing in the library, but by the time I walked home it was overcast and cold again. Well, it is winter still! And nothing like so cold as Canberra was. A jumper is enough over my shirt, don't need singlet and shirt and jumper and overcoat with gloves and beanie and scarf! So it's really not that cold.

I've eaten very cleanly for two days in a row, I know this evening and tomorrow will be the danger times as I suddenly go into sugar withdrawal/carb flu/starvation when my body realises I'm filling up on vegetables. But I will be strong! I'm eating plenty of fresh healthy food, just not the processed junk my body currently craves.