Sunday, June 17, 2018

Only models


I’ve been binge-watching old seasons of Project Runway. In one episode they had to design resort-wear, and the host said something like this to the eliminated contestant: ‘You mentioned that your grandmother was your inspiration, and it showed.’

Very clear. Not allowed to design clothes that would look nice on an older woman, make her feel comfortable and attractive on a holiday. Only allowed to design for skinny six foot tall models, because they are the only people who need clothes.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Smooth interview


I had my interview today. It went really well, and they gave me very positive feedback. I was poised, confident, and had lots to say about every question. The actual job coming up in September doesn't really suit me: it is at the furthest location of the cluster of libraries and it's full-time with a compulsory evening shift one day a week. But they are creating an order of merit list for future positions and the interviewer who manages one of the closest libraries said they'll have some soon and thought they could be more accommodating with part time hours there. So something may come up. I also mentioned that I will be more flexible from next February, for instance being able to start earlier, because both my children will be at the same school instead of my son starting an hour later than my daughter.

The campus they interviewed at (not where either of the jobs will be) was lovely, lots of green space and the library was so warm and cosy!

Someone I knew from TAFE was there for the interview slot after me, she graduated at the end of last year and this is the first time she's been offered an interview in six months. I hope that doesn't reflect a lack of jobs. I haven't seen many since I started looking. She was very nervous about the interview. I thought she was doing well in class, so there might be fierce competition for positions.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018



I called the interview people yesterday about how the date I'd been told over the phone wasn't the same as the date on the follow-up email. I was told 'yes we changed it'.  Excuse me?? Of course I just said ok, but that seems a really shoddy way of doing things. I agreed to a time and date and then they changed it without asking, or even highlighting the fact it was changed. The email didn't say it had been changed, it just mentioned the date along with all the info like what I needed to bring. Luckily I read it carefully and didn't rely on what I'd been told. And I was able to change my work experience days this week to accommodate the interview. They sent exactly the same email again to me today. Maybe they got a lot of queries! I go to my interview tomorrow feeling slightly reserved about their organisational and communication skills.

Today I sent (or tried to send) a document from my work email to my home email. It was blocked due to "banned words". I'll have to read it carefully to find out what naughty words are in a cataloguing manual!

My supervisor at work filled in her part of my final assessment today (my teacher visits on Monday to watch me work and will fill out the other half) and emailed it to me tonight and it was lovely. Everything ticked at the highest level and very nice comments. I've really enjoyed working there and everyone has been great. My husband jokes that they get free work from students, but actually they spend far more time teaching me than they get in return. They have all been so generous with their time. A box of chocolates seems a bit ordinary as a thank you gift, maybe a plant for the office? I'm a bit worried it will die in the freezing conditions in there!

We have a lot of little children in the family (five, at the moment) and we tend to host the big events like Christmas so even our big extendable table is getting crowded. So I ordered a kids' table and chairs online and it came today. My kids and I put it together this afternoon. I've ordered an extra chair which hasn't come yet. I'm a bit worried that all the chairs are different colours - what if they all want to sit in the same one! But the set is sturdy and attractive.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Happy Birthday Your Majesty


It is a public holiday here today to celebrate the Queen's Birthday. As far as I know, no one actually does anything remotely to do with Her Majesty's birthday. It's just a day off.

My weight is back up to 71.4 kg, where it was two weeks ago. I lost and then regained nearly 2 kg over the past two weeks. I've been eating really badly this past week. Stress, cold weather, no vitamin D from sunlight, no exercise, getting over the flu, I don't know. I've been feeling a bit sad too. Yesterday was like having PMS, except it was the wrong time of the month. I started the day by crying over a couple of news articles (a father with mental health issues killed his son, and a tourist lost for five days in the bush was found unharmed). And I continued crying on and off for no particular reason throughout the morning. While trying to hide the fact from the kids.

We had people over as usual for Sunday afternoon and dinner. It sucked. They were supposed to come at 4pm for board games, but they dribbled in between 4 and 7, and some had to leave again before dinner, or leave and come back later, so we never really got any games going. Just sat around waiting for people, or starting games which were interrupted by people having to go. Then the five year old cried all through dinner because the four year old sat in the only pink chair. Which shouldn't have been at the dinner table in the first place, and got milk spilled all over it and it is fabric and will probably start to stink pretty soon. If we had any sunlight I'd wash it and leave it out to dry but as it is it would just go mouldy. It probably will anyway. Mouldy and stinky. I was not having a happy day.

Today was much better. No rain, so we got out for a walk in the morning and a bit of slightly damp gardening in the afternoon. A hint of sunlight was worth the itchy reaction I seem to have developed to one particular plant.

I'm having a (hopefully minor) drama about the job interview; when they called I'm sure they said Wednesday the 13th and I wrote all the details down and confirmed the date at the end. I was thinking it was particularly convenient because I don't work that day. But they sent a follow-up email saying it was on Thursday the 14th! Now I'm not sure which is right. And it was too late to call when I saw it, and it's a long weekend. I'll call tomorrow morning. It shouldn't be a problem if I have to swap my work day, but it makes me look incompetent if I got the day wrong and have to check (less incompetent if their email is wrong!)

Oh well, I'll sort it out. Here's hoping for a better week.

Friday, June 8, 2018



Aiden’s home sick from school today. He’s finally succumbed to the flu that the rest of us have already had. That makes a total of eight days we’ve taken off work and school between us. I don’t work on Fridays so I didn’t have to stress about missing another day.

I all in a tizzy this afternoon as I got a call to go for a job interview next week. Very exciting. It’s exactly the same position as I’m doing for my work experience, but in a different location. Still a TAFE library, so it should use the same computer system and more or less the same procedures. Every workplace is a little different of course. They are offering part time, and it’s about half an hour drive away. Pretty ideal. My main concern is they’ll probably want someone who can work evenings which - with two youngish children - I don’t want to do. I don’t like leaving them alone at night, and they have a lot of after school activities they would have to drop out of. I already missed out on one job because of that. I need to work out before the interview what lengths I’m prepared to go to to get the job.

Interviews are scary - so easy to get flustered and have a mental blank when you need to answer a simple question!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018



Jasmine is studying childcare at school, and today she brought home Sumi Chan, a robot baby. She needs to be fed, and cuddled, and her nappy changed, and held the right way up with her head supported. She cries at pre-programmed intervals as well as if you do something wrong like hold her upside down. Apparently she will cry during the night. I’m not looking forward to that. At least it's only one night. And I don't have to get up! But I can imagine I'll be waking in the middle of the night, disoriented, thinking 'what the...?'
Jasmine has five younger cousins/semi-cousins so she's very confident around babies.

Here is my Monday morning ready-for-work photo.

And a rainbow lorikeet visiting just outside our front door today.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Icy toes


The reboot Duromine effect has worn off, I ate very little for several days while sick then ate a lot for several days to catch up... back to normal now. Whatever normal is. Weight bounced back up a little to 70.2 kg, still comfortably under what it was two weeks ago. But I want to get back under 70 kg!

It is so cold at this second workplace. The main part of the library isn't too bad, but the staff office and tearoom are freezing. My feet ache. It's winter here now, icy and rainy, but I think it's warmer outside than in the tearoom! Cold drafts everywhere. There is a tiny fan heater the staff use to try to stay warm. It's a small library, only two staff at a time not including me. But at least six desks in the office!? I had a good chat with Matthew about getting a job, he did the same degree as me a few years ago (same teachers!) and a temp job turned into his current more or less permanent status. He trained as a High School teacher originally, but had a chair thrown at him by a student on his first day. Six months confirmed it wasn't the job for him.

I just lodged my last assignment. Now all I have is my teacher coming out to assess me in the workplace, in two weeks. Should be ok, but I can get flustered sometimes.

I feel mostly better from my flu but my coughing keeps me awake at night. Aiden's got a runny nose now, crossed fingers he fights it off.