Tuesday, August 20, 2019



Jasmine’s trio came 4th overall in the State (level 3A) in Acrogymnastics, an excellent result. They came 3rd in the Balance routine and 5th in the Dynamic routine - they made an error in spacing and Abbey kicked Sienna as Jasmine swung her around. Whoops. Otherwise they probably would have been 3rd overall. Nationals is in a few weeks - but the lowest level you can compete in there is 4 so the trio have a few new skills to learn! They’d already been doing some level 4 skills in 3A. After Nationals the teams will all be reshuffled, Sienna is getting taller but Jasmine is not growing any more - they need to be the same height to toss little Abbey around. And some gymnasts will be ready to move up a level.

My first week off hasn’t been much fun so far. Tim was still home sick until today and Aiden was home on Monday. Flu is kind of gross, and doesn’t allow a bedmate much sleep with all the coughing and snoring going on next to you. Thankfully everyone finally seems well now. Also yesterday I had a minor procedure that left me a bit traumatised. Sorry for TMI in next paragraph.

I finally got to see my gynaecologist, and I had a Mirena inserted. It’s a modern IUD (interuterine device) that works as a contraceptive but releases hormones at a low dose which is better for older ladies like me than the pill. You’d think I’m unlikely to get pregnant at 49 and in the midst of menopause anyway, but it happens! And I got pregnant straight away when I was trying. Also the Mirena might help my menopause symptoms, but it will be hard to tell as the Duromine has fixed that for the moment. She told me insertion might be ‘uncomfortable’ and that was a bit of an understatement. She prised open my cervix then pushed the IUD in through a plastic tube, then it opens out into a T shape. I thought the ‘discomfort’ was over but then my body started cramping in response to having a piece of plastic in my uterus. This is normal, but unpleasant. As well as the pain I felt really weepy. I got myself home and rested, and I’m fine today. Except I can feel the string (that they pull the Mirena out with, in 5 years) inside me, and the end seems to keep jabbing me. I don’t know what it’s made of. If it doesn’t stop very soon I’ll have to go back and get the strings trimmed or something. Am I supposed to not be able to feel it? I have plenty of nerve endings in there! (I just checked online, the strings are supposed to soften and curl up, otherwise you can get them shortened. Some people’s partners complained it poked them during sex!)

Today I’ll be hanging around the house all day as I have a tradesman here replacing lots of light fittings. No matter how many times I close the front door it’s open again two minutes later. It’s winter! Cold AND flies! Hopefully from tomorrow I can get out and enjoy myself.

Friday, August 16, 2019

It's working


After one week on Duromine (phentermine) I am down to 74.3kg, a loss of 2.7kg in the first week! Awesome! I know half of that is water weight, but who cares? The first week is so motivating. My clothes already fit better and my stomach is less bloated. No cravings for junk food, and although I get hungry at mealtimes I'm satisfied with less, and I can wait for the meal instead of having a snack to tide me over. Hunger seems less life-or-death when it is not paired with cravings.

Perhaps best of all is I've had a whole week with no night sweats! I don't know why Duromine has that effect for me, but it nearly always does. I have some other sleep issues but I'm getting so much more sleep than I was, I feel normal again - tired at the end of the day instead of exhausted all the time. A human again instead of a zombie.

We saw an echidna last week on a family walk to the local shops, in a tiny pocket of bushland beside the road. I've never seen one in the wild before, not for certain. It's a prickly creature like a hedgehog or porcupine. It and the platypus are the only two mammals in the world that lay eggs. It was bigger than I expected. You really do see kangaroos all the time in Australia, in Canberra I've seen them on the school oval or literally hopping down the street, but echidnas, koalas and platypus are much more elusive.
I've finished this block of work at the library, the original plan was that I have four weeks off before they need me again, but they may actually need me earlier. Either way is fine, as long as I get this week off! I need a haircut, and I've got a tradesman coming to fix our dodgy lights, and a few other things lined up. It's hard to get everything done when you're working.

I ran storytime at the library last week. Although it is an adult education institution, we teach childcare (so why don't the students do it?) and there is a childcare centre next door. They come over once a week. Lynn usually does the storytime but was needed elsewhere, Maya refuses to do it, so they asked me. I was really nervous when I ran it once last year as part of my work experience but I was fine this time. They are just kids - 23 of them! 3-4 year-olds.
I chose a theme and read them "You can't take an elephant on the bus" to which I added lots of little comments (did you know a blue whale's tongue is a big as an elephant?), got them up to dance to "Going to the zoo" then another story "Too many elephants in this house." Then we coloured in - guess what!? - a picture of an elephant that could be turned into a mask. It all went very well. And I got a comment from a bystander on how nice my singing voice is, which was lovely of them. 

Sickness has struck the house again. Jasmine was home the last three days, luckily she is mostly better as she has the State Final Acrogym competition this afternoon! Tim came home early Thursday and is still feeling awful. I stayed home yesterday (so I'll have to go to the library next week to hand in my keys and pick up my stuff) but wasn't as bad as them, and I'm fine today. Aiden seems to have dodged it so far.

I saw this tip on English spelling at work and it made me laugh:
"i before e - except when your foreign neighbour Keith received eight counterfeit beige sleighs from feisty caffeinated weightlifters. Weird."

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Hello new library


I started a post about two weeks ago but didn't get very far!

I've been in my new libraries for three weeks now. I've slotted in easily and I'm glad to be there. I'm working at two libraries, most of the staff rotate between the two, both are very close to my home so the short commute is great. The staff are lovely, which I knew from my work experience last year. Usually 2 people staffing the smaller library, 3 at the slightly larger. I've had two new sets of procedures to learn/remember. It's the same computer system as I'm used to, but just finding where things are kept (twice!) is a challenge. And some things are different in each place - like my old library stored some info on a Excel spreadsheet plus a card file, one of the new libraries has printouts in a folder, and one doesn't keep records of that particular information at all. My two current libraries have the same manager so why are they different? Arg! Anyway.

It already looks like I'll be getting more work than was originally offered, so that is great. Although I was kind of looking forward to some time off!

The work itself is fine, but I'm having a hard time nonetheless. My menopause symptoms continue (I haven't seen my gyno yet, don't know if she will be able to help) and I'm exhausted all the time. Tired and cold = hungry and my weight has leapt up to 77kg. Which I think has brought my sleep apnoea back. Which makes me more exhausted. Round and round we go. Most of my work clothes don't fit, or look horrible. So as of today I am back on Duromine. I just can't function like this, I am barely getting through the days. I know Duromine can disrupt sleep, as it did mine last time I tried it (before that it seemed to actually help me sleep) but we'll see. I know I'll lose weight and have more alertness and energy during the day. I'm walking every lunchtime and just started a Tai Chi DVD at home.


I was a bit wakeful during the night, but no night sweats! So that is a start. And the bathroom scales are showing a downward movement already.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Goodbye old library


So I turned 49 the other day, one year until 50. This year I am determined to focus on my health. Sleep. Exercise. More fruit and vegetables. Water. I have made a start on some of these things.

I had my last day at my old workplace yesterday. We shared a lunch and everyone seemed sad to see me go. It wasn't a bad job, and I liked the other staff. I have a week off now (it's school holidays, Tim stayed home with the kids the first week) then I start at my new workplace. Same job, different location. It's an improvement in every way - closer, higher pay, less busy etc - except that it has less job security.

I've been having a hard time the last few weeks. I've been in peri-menopause for years (it seems like I've been saying "at least five years" for a long time) and my main symptom is night sweats. At the moment it's nearly every night. I wake up all sweaty - and then get very cold because it's the middle of winter and being in damp pyjamas is no joke - and then I rarely get back to sleep. So I am utterly exhausted. Dragging myself through the days, going to bed before the kids at night. I'll be seeing my gyno but I couldn't get an appointment for another six weeks. I plan to take a lot of naps while I've got this time off, and also try some vitamin/herbal medicine.

Friday, June 28, 2019



I took the shell off my racing snail to make him go faster - but it just made him sluggish.

It will be my birthday on Tuesday. So I haven't started my diet yet. Or lifestyle change, or whatever you want to call it. My challenge to be healthier by 50. I have a little party tomorrow and then a dinner out on the day. Then I'll start...

Two weeks left at my current workplace, then a week off (it will be school holidays) then I start at the other Library, four weeks on then four weeks off then (hopefully) another 3 months. Another good opportunity has just come up elsewhere that I'm also applying for. It is a great job with the downside of a longer commute. I'm thinking if they offer me the job I will ask if I can go part-time, five days a week but shorter days so I can get home before dinnertime to see my kids - and avoid the worst of the traffic too. We'll see.

A really bad flu has been going around. I had it and was sick for two weeks although I only took two days off work. Then Aiden had it and now Jasmine. She had this whole week off school, very unusual for her. I left her home alone most days but left work early. Today she came with me to do the grocery shopping but had to go and sit outside the supermarket while I finished and went straight to bed when we got home. She started to get sick last Sunday during an Acrogymnastics competition, her trio managed to qualify for the State Final but were definitely not at their best. Luckily it's a few more weeks to the Final, she's missed a lot of training.

The house and yard are shambles at the moment. We get no time during the week, and precious little on the weekends. Welcome to the working world.

Saturday, June 22, 2019



I went to my graduation last night. Because I studied part time, most of my friends from class graduated the year before, and one of them won an award for being best in the year. Ever since then I’d really really wanted to win it! I was so excited when I was told I was going to get an award. So I was so disappointed when it was “only” for being best at Cataloguing - shared with Lauren. Who also got best in Reference, and best overall. And last year we were both recommended for an internship,  and she won it. I know I should still be happy to get AN award but it wasn’t THE award.

So I was feeling a little vulnerable, and then Tim showed me the photos he took of me accepting my award and diploma. OMG. I had thought I was looking rather cute in my best librarian dress. But in the photos I looked old and dumpy and so very very fat. I was crushed. I felt awful for the rest of the night. My heart still sinks when I remember.

My weight has crept up to 74.8kg and I need to turn that around. But even at 3kg lighter than this, I think I thought I was thinner than I really was. Maybe in comparison to my biggest, I felt smaller. But I’m still more than 15 kg overweight. In particular I hate seeing side-on photos. My stomach is so big, it looks so unhealthy. I am very short, so my healthy weight is 53-58kg according to the charts.

I turn 49 in a couple of weeks. A year to 50. Time to get healthy so I can enjoy the second half of my life.

Thursday, June 20, 2019



First of all, my brother is fine. He knew about the scheduled procedure, and made it to the appointment, and they didn’t find cancer. He’s recovering at home. So that is good news.

Things got interesting at work. I had four weeks planned working at another location - same ultimate employer but different cluster of libraries - higher pay and closer to home. My manager had encouraged it from the start and her boss had approved it. I’d done all the paperwork. Then yesterday Human Resources told me I wasn’t allowed to do Higher Duties in a different cluster! So I had to make a decision. The new job was starting with four weeks, but probably offering around four months work over a six month period (with nice breaks in between) - after that who knows? The current job had just offered me another nine months. I talked to Tim and thought about it overnight, but didn’t have to think too hard. The new job has everything I want (other than job security) so I’m resigning from my current job so I can take up the other one. HR forced me into it! I let everyone know today, of course they were all very sad! I’ll still be there for a few more weeks, and who knows maybe they’ll want me back as a casual when I’m free.

Now I have a bit of experience I’m not really worried about getting more work.

I finished my Diploma of Library and Information Services a year ago, finally my Graduation ceremony is tomorrow. I have no idea why it’s a whole year later. Of course I got them to mail me the actual diploma a long time ago. I wasn’t going to go, too difficult to juggle the kids after-school stuff and get into the city after work. But when I didn’t send in an acceptance they called me to say I’m getting an award! So of course I have to go.