Wednesday, October 21, 2020

A walk


Well my employer was unable to hire me after all due to rules from higher up the chain - not for the rest of the year at least. They are not allowed to "back-fill" (fill places vacant from people going on temporary leave etc) at all. I could look for other work, but of course there is not much going. And that was pretty much my dream job. So that is depressing. Bored and lonely and sad at home. And still putting on weight. I think my sleep apnoea is back, and my pre-diabetes, and now I even might have an uncomfortable varicose vein in my foot. Very unpleasant. Most of my clothes don't fit. 

But, trying to find some good. Both my grandfather and my uncle are doing well and are at home. Poppa has a carer coming in every day so he doesn't have to go into a nursing home at this dangerous time. Uncle Greg is recovering from his stroke and even playing tennis again. I haven't seen either of them. 

I went for a walk yesterday in the spring sunshine. And saw:

*Four water dragons on the way out; the first one was on the footpath right outside our house. We often see him/her/them sunning in our backyard and leaping into our pool to hide if startled. I also saw one on the way home, not sure if it was one of the four or a new one as it was in a different spot to the others. 

*A man sitting reading a magazine at the edge of his open garage, but facing away from the street. Seemed odd. 

*A front yard completely covered in rich bare soil. A child-size blue spade sticking up showed someone was getting fun out of the dirt (or "helping") before turf covers it. 

*A man cradling a very tiny baby in a sling. All I could see was a little pink flowery hat. 

Monday, September 14, 2020

In brief


I never seem to get around to posting, these days. Maybe because I don't have a lot to say?

Bad news is, my weight keeps going up and up... Covid kilos. From sitting at home all day. And eating. Bored and lonely. I'm up to 83.6kg, getting very close to my highest weight that I fought so hard to lose (with the help of Duromine). Spring has just started here, I'm trying to get out for a walk on the nice days. And doing a bit of gardening. Cold and grey today though.

Good news is, after many months of silence my workplace finally contacted me to come in for some casual work. It's only for two weeks (so far)... and not until November! But it made me happy because it shows I am still their preferred fill-in employee, and I can expect more work as people start taking time off again. Everyone must have a lot of holiday hours saved up, since we can't go anywhere and no one has been taking leave. It will be lovely to get back into the library, seeing my colleagues and helping students. Giving my life a purpose other than collecting every battle pet in World of Warcraft - I now have 1157 pets and have the 9th biggest collection on my server and about 2800th in the world out of about 8 million players (collecting battle pets is only a sideline for most WoW players, it is not the main focus of the game). I have around 60 more to collect that are still available - until the new expansion comes out in about 6 weeks with probably lots of new ones to collect.

So that is what I do all day.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Bad news


Family health news has been horrible this week. I found out that my Uncle Greg had a stroke, not sure how long ago, without my mum to pass on news I don’t hear a lot from her family and only see them weddings, funerals and Christmas. But as a child we had family dinners at my grandparents every Sunday. He’s being looked after full time by his wife at home right now. He’s 67, I think. My mum, who was overweight and unhealthy all her life with asthma and allergies, died at 73 of cancer. Her sister, thin and fit and healthy all her life, died at 66 of cancer. Now Greg, also very fit and slender, who was still playing competitive tennis, has had a stroke. It’s rather depressing. I guess you can only mitigate risks, you can’t guarantee a long life.

I learned about Uncle Greg from a cousin, who actually contacted me about our Poppa who at 102 looks like he’s going to outlive all his children. He’s still living (alone for 20 years) in his own home, looking after himself, but has had a couple of falls recently and has trouble getting up from the floor, and is in bed since the most recent fall. My Uncle Greg, his youngest son, lives just across the road, but obviously right now he is in no condition to keep an eye on him. Various grandkids are helping, but it’s tricky. So the family, including Poppa himself, feel it might be time for him to go into a nursing home. But.... Covid. Nursing homes are terrible places to be right now. Lots of deaths. It’s hard to know what to do.

Then today, my father-in-law had some chest pains. They are keeping him in hospital overnight to monitor. We’re not allowed to visit. He’s very overweight, and has prostate cancer. Very worrying. I feel quite helpless.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

50 and All Clear


I turned 50 a couple of weeks ago. Chronological age doesn't really bother me, I like to think of it as an achievement, going up levels. +2 Wisdom, -2 Dexterity. Tim and the kids took the day off and we went to a lovely "High Tea" in North Sydney with gorgeous views of the harbour. It was lunch for us, rather than afternoon tea, with plenty of food; they gave us (each) eleven different dainty foods - a tiny quiche, macaron, cheesecake, arancini ball, little sandwiches, scones with jam and cream etc. And pots of tea, of course. We chose the kids' version for Jasmine and Aiden even though they are teenagers - more sugar, less 'fancy'. None of us got through everything!

Afterwards we went for a short walk down (then back up) a very steep path, not far because the day before I had slipped on our steep mossy driveway, hurting my hip and jarring my hand and shoulder, and I was still a bit sore; also the view was heavily obscured by thick foliage and everything was a bit damp. That night I felt a sudden stinging burning pain in my neck, and investigation revealed a tick! I've never had one before. I assume it got into my hair on the walk. Tim got it out with no lasting ill effects, but I still have a small lump there two weeks later. Maybe the universe didn't want me to get past 49.

Obviously no big party, we just had some family over on Sunday for dinner and board games.

Yesterday I had my colonoscopy. I'd noticed some bleeding months ago, but Covid-19 delayed hospital stuff for non-urgent cases until now. Luckily I got the all-clear straight away, no cancer, although they want to check again in a year. It wasn't the most fun I've ever had - I was unconscious for the actual procedure but you have to fast for a couple of days beforehand; liquids only for 24 hours then nothing for about 6 hours, and you have to drink a weird liquid that prompts your body to eliminate everything in a hurry. It made me feel both nauseated and bloated so I certainly didn't feel any of the magical purity some people get with fasting. And I was headachy because I don't like tea without milk and had some caffeine withdrawal. Oh well, it was an important test to have and well worth doing.

I haven't heard from work yet about term 3. We had almost got back to normal here but are starting to have a second wave of Covid so everything is still uncertain. It is the second week of the winter school holidays now, kids back to school next week. Tim took a week off but we didn't go anywhere or do anything much. Weather is cold and mostly bleak.

Thursday, June 25, 2020



New South Wales has been reducing restrictions which makes it feel like we're out the other side of Covid-19, but a neighbouring state has had an increase in cases (20 new ones, I think, Australia has been touched lightly in comparison to many places) and of course in some parts of the world the pandemic is at its peak or even just getting started.

I still haven't been offered any work. The current school term only has a week left, I had expected to get work next term but who knows? I may have to look for work elsewhere, which is sad. I really liked where I was working.

Tim, on the other hand, is swamped. He often comes home very late (one night 1.30am) or goes in very early, he has a long commute as well which makes it worse. His department had been offered Voluntary Redundancies at the start of the year, he's been there many years so it was a good deal for him with a chunk of money that would give plenty of time to look for a new job. But then Covid happened so after filling in all the paperwork and getting approval from HR we decided not to take it. He could always take his Long Service Leave for a break. Someone else in his section applied and was then told by their boss that she couldn't spare anyone! Bit late to mention it, after months of agonising and all the paperwork on both sides! But anyway, it means Tim doesn't have to regret the decision not to take it, it was never really a possibility after all. But then a new big boss took over and has fired half the management, including Tim's boss. Someone else left to get a promotion elsewhere. And now Tim is the only lawyer. He's supposed to work a nine day fortnight, but he's missed three of his last four rostered days off as there is no one to cover the work. I hope this doesn't go on very long, and they hire more people. It's crazy.

I have to do 30 hours a year of study to keep up my Professional Development, the financial year ends 30 June so I've spend quite a bit of time these past couple of weeks catching up on that. Only two hours to go.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Home alone

Wednesday....I think:

Lockdown restrictions are being lifted in stages, the kids are back at school full-time this week and Tim’s work returned to normal hours last week. We’ve had relatively few Covid19 cases in Australia and less than 100 deaths. My library is open, with social distancing rules, but I don’t expect to get any work this term as no one is taking leave. Why do they call it social distancing? We’re supposed to stay socially connected. It should be called physical distancing. Anyway I’m home alone for the first time since this started.

I’m down with a cold, no idea how I caught it as I rarely go anywhere or see anyone now! We did have a few family over on Sunday but I got sick Monday which Tim says is too soon to have caught it from them - although I was unable to dodge a hug from my father-in-law. Honestly, he is the most at risk (over 70 and with cancer) and the least careful. I’m sure it is only a cold as it’s a runny nose with no Covid symptoms, but if anything changes of course I will get tested.

I’ll be turning 50 in a few weeks. Haven’t been able to make any party plans. Not sure what I would have done anyway. I quite like the idea of a fancy High Tea somewhere with a view. Elegant. But we’ll see how things are going closer to the date.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

VR or not VR


Earlier this year my husband was offered a Voluntary Redundancy at work. The government can't just fire you for no reason, so if they want to cut staff they have to offer money as an incentive to leave, and the amount increases the longer you've been employed. He's been there more than 10 years so it seemed like a good deal, with his Long Service Leave payout as well he'd have a while to look for another job. He likes his job but it is a long commute, and with no prospect of further advancement. We'd practically decided to take it, but then Covid-19 happened. Now we're not sure how long it would take him to find another job, and I'm also out of work. So I guess he's staying where he is. He's lucky to have a secure job in these uncertain times.

Term 2 of school starts tomorrow, still at home but they are talking about phasing back into classrooms, one day a week so they can have less students there at a time. Lockdowns probably easing soon. Australia still has only 60 deaths total. Jasmine has been working really hard but I think it will be a relief for her to get back into a proper routine with teachers on hand. Aiden sleeps until nearly noon and it's a struggle to make him do his school work so it will be a relief for me to get him back into proper school! He is very smart but not the most conscientious so I would worry about the long term effect on his grades if the school-from-home went on much longer.

I've been eating too much, doing a bit of gardening, learning the piano, but mostly playing computer games (World of Warcraft). Not great for my health.