Monday, May 30, 2016

Weight up


This morning I weighed 81.6 kg, up  2.1 kg from last Monday. So slow to leave, so quick to come back.

I've had two nights in a row of poor sleep due to pelvic pain. I think I will try to find a gyno who can see me sooner than two months away. Last night I tossed and turned, and when I did sleep I dreamed I was trying to sleep on a hard floor! Very tired and grumpy and headachy today. I'm always on the edge of insufficient sleep anyway, so two extra bad nights affects me a lot. I fell asleep sitting up in the afternoon, but only for about 10 minutes as the kids were home talking to me.

I thought my book club was tomorrow, but now I'm pretty sure it was last Tuesday and I missed it. 4th Tuesday of the month. Damn. The book was "The Palace of Tears" can't remember the author (Australian). I don't read a lot of what you might call modern fiction, I usually read fantasy genre or classics, and I'm enjoying expanding my repertoire but it's a shame missing out on the human interaction that I joined the group for. I've marked the next date in my diary this time. Next month it's "The Dressmaker" which they recently made a movie of, but you wouldn't have heard of it unless you're Australian.

Everything I want to talk about today: pain here, pain there, tantruming toddler in supermarket, Foxtel crashing just as Game of Thrones started, long list of tasks I didn't get done... is pretty negative so lets just say I struggled to cope a bit today and leave it at that. I got through the day.

Sunday, May 29, 2016



We usually have a family dinner in the evening on Sundays, alternating between here and Nick's house, but as Ping is tired all the time with her early pregnancy we'll be having it here every week for a while and at lunchtime. It suits me fine, I don't have to miss my favourite TV show in the evening! It does mean a lot of washing up of pots and pans and serving platters that don't fit in the dishwasher every Sunday. I think Grandad and his partner should offer to wash up sometimes since they never have to cook, but oh well. I love having them all here. I'd rather host than visit any day. I like cooking for people.

I don't know why but I am so hungry all the time at the moment. Whether it's hormonal, or as some people suggest the more carbs you eat the hungrier you get, or just because I've given myself permission to snack, but I'm eating all the time. And you know how I got down to 5 kg total lost (again)? Well in a week I've put 2 kg back on. So I'm hopping back on the yo-yo tomorrow.  I really think that 5 kg is a major psychological barrier for me. Maybe something to discuss with the therapist in a couple of weeks.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Animated skeletons


A cool rainy day today, perfect for staying inside playing with the virtual reality headset. Of course with four of us no-one gets to play as much as they'd like. I got to progress with the dungeon game, turns out sword fighting animated skeletons is quite a workout! You don't step much in the small space but you duck and dodge and swing your sword. I just acquired a bow so I'll get to use that next time. Jasmine hasn't returned to that game, it is a bit scary in 3D even though the skeletons are quite cartoonish.

Apparently we got a couple of games free with the set, an overenthusiastic spam filter hid them originally, I've only tried one of those, it is a virtual job game. You can be a chef or a mechanic or a few other things. The chef is similar to games you've probably played in an idle moment on your smartphone, making orders for customers. But in 3D. I didn't do that... too much like my real life housewife job! but I did become a mechanic which was funny. I charged a lot for changing "headlight fluid" and added sugar to a petrol tank so the customer would have to come back again.

As I thought when the boys came over last night they all wanted to have a turn on the VR so they didn't start their movie until 10:30. I went to bed. And today found cider spilled all over my favourite cushion. Men!

I didn't do much else today, read and had a nap in front of the TV. Tim is cooking risotto for dinner. Delicious delicious carbs.

We've recently started having movie night with the kids on Saturdays, they often have a good kid's movie starting early on TV, or else we watch a DVD. Tonight we've borrowed "The Fifth Element" from Nick and I'm looking forward to seeing that again and showing it to the kids. One of my favourite movies ever. Pretty sure it's not too violent or anything. Aiden is nine but actually it's Jasmine at twelve who is much more timid and impressionable and likely to have nightmares.

Friday, May 27, 2016



I didn't get to use the new virtual reality headset last night, apart from putting it on for a minute to see what it looked like, as everyone was so eager to try it out. The kids monopolised it until they went to bed then I thought Tim should get to have a go since it was really his baby! Today I tried it out and I only had to call Tim three times at work to sort it out lol.

There is a headset with a sort of screen in front of your eyes and you can look up and around and all directions by turning your head. Also headphones. And a controller in each hand with a few buttons. We marked out how big our room was so it only lets you take a couple of steps before a virtual wall appears to stop you walking into a real wall. And people outside the game can see everything you're looking at on a computer screen.

We have two games, one is a dungeon adventure which is a little suspenseful since it seems like you're right there next to the skeleton swinging a sword at you. I didn't spend long in that one. It's quite cartoonish but very 3D, it kind of feels like you're in a castle built of cardboard. The graphics are nothing compared to any normal computer game but it's still very impressive to feel like you're right there in it. The other is a cute puzzle game where you move pipes around to redirect the flow of water. I spent a bit more time on that one. I'm sure there are other games out there, and more will be created now that VR headsets are available.

Tim's brother and cousins are coming over tonight, supposedly to watch a movie together but I think they are going to spend the evening in virtual worlds!

My foot is so much better today. I was singing to myself as I did the grocery shopping (Under The Sea from The Little Mermaid, if you're interested), unable to believe I wasn't even limping when yesterday I could hardly walk. So nice when pain is gone. Also, my horrendous TOM is almost over. I am so cheerful today. Sometimes I forget what a difference it can make. I feel like a different person.

Thursday, May 26, 2016



Tim was home sick today. It's been going around the family. I just got on with my usual day: writing, minimum of housework, playing computer games in my "breaks", taking the kids to Acrogym after school.

While the kids were in the gym I walked over to the shops to buy more apples - this family goes through a lot of fruit, if we all had two pieces a day that would be 56 pieces of fruit a week! I only have about one per day but Aiden makes up for that with three or more - my foot was ok on the way there but very painful on the way back. I am getting very sick of it.

I'm on to my third type of treatment for the plantar wart, Upton's Paste which is very strong. I put it on last night but don't know if it's doing anything yet. The wart is such a small white circle, doesn't look like it could hurt anybody, but I think it's mostly underneath like an iceberg. Walking is usually like having a pebble in my shoe (on a bruised foot) but sometimes intensifies to feeling like I'm stepping on a nail. If this stuff doesn't work my GP will send to the podiatrist to look at surgery.

I try not to whine about it though, as I hobble around I am frequently seeing people with wheelchairs or walking frames and I know this is a minor and temporary annoyance. It just seems so stupid that such a little thing is affecting my life so much.

We had a knock on the door late this afternoon, the virtual reality headset which Tim wasn't expecting for another month! It takes a bit of setting up, with monitors on the walls to track movement, which is still going on. I'll let you know what it's like when we've had a go.

Two chemists have told me they've stopped making test strips for my blood glucose meter, which I got ten years ago when I had gestational diabetes. I have ordered some online, but if I want to keep testing myself now and then I guess I'll eventually have to get a newer model. I'm so out of date. I bet newer ones do all sorts of amazing things.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Titty slap


A couple of things I found amusing/weird today. I dreamed I was in the library and was chosen by ASIO (our Intelligence organisation) for some kind of random screening. A timid young man was asking me questions that were scrawled on the back of a torn poster. The only question I remember was: Jamal says his father is having visions of glory and the afterlife, what do you do? My reply was: tell Jamal to get his father to a doctor because he might have a tumour pressing on his optic nerve.

Then I spent the morning in an unfamiliar suburb, principally to get Jasmine a new reed for her clarinet but also buying some other things while I was there. My foot was ok at first but very sore by the end, I parked in one place then limped around so I did quite a bit of walking. Anyway, the funny bit was when I grabbed a few things in the supermarket and went through the 12 items or less lane. As I put my bag of apples on the counter with my other items, I asked if six apples counted as one item or six? The friendly little old lady behind me cheekily said six, the cashier said it depended on the customer. Some people she wanted to punch in the face. She was a tall, hefty young lady and I certainly wouldn't want to be punched by her. We agreed that some people made us want to punch them, then she went on to say that actually what she really wanted to do was give some people a titty slap. I didn't quite understand her at first but nodded away, and she went into a bit of a detail, with actions. Inside I was half laughing, half eager to get out of there. Really, a "titty slap"? Interesting customer service motto.

Terrible food today. Snacked on all sorts of things. The only reasonably healthy thing was the beef bouguignon I made for dinner. Except for the mashed potato with cream and cheese. Which was both unhealthy and not particularly nice. My husband makes excellent mashed potato, mine is lumpy every time.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016



Aiden was home sick today. He stayed in bed until 11, watched TV until 2, then rapidly improved over the afternoon and had an enormous dinner. How can such a little person fit in so much food? He certainly made up for not eating all day.

Of course I couldn't go out anywhere today. I managed to get work done while he was resting but once he was feeling well again he was sitting next to me interrupting me every two seconds. He is not a keen reader so he doesn't have the same anti-boredom failsafe the rest of us do.

This evening for no good reason I ordered pizza. Now I need to drink a couple of litres of water before bed to flush out all the salt and carbs! I say "no good reason" but actually I have an excellent reason. It's that time of the month when I crave salt, fat, carbs, sugar, and smacking other people upside the head.