Monday, August 13, 2018

Another week


Another new week. Doesn't time just roll on by! This morning my weight was up a little more, 71.7 kg (I think, I kind of forgot before I wrote it down). Still working on that. It's that time of the month when I eat more chocolate. And everything else. Even when taking Duromine.

I'm still taking the Duromine (phentermine) but I have one or two days without it each week, to have a break from the dry mouth or if I'm sick or occasionally if I sleep late and don't want to take it late because it might affect my sleep that night. I'm trying to increase my exercise; did dance and walk yesterday, walk today.

I did my volunteer duty at Aiden's school library today, then grocery shopping, then an afternoon of bills and paperwork. We chose a solar power company, based mainly on the quality of materials they use. We've decided to go with more solar panels than we expect to use (there were differing opinions about whether this is a good idea or not); it helps future-proof us if we need more later, our electricity company pays for excess power that we send back into the grid (not as much as we pay them for electricity!!) which helps cover our night-time non-solar usage cost, and solar power that we sent to the grid that someone else uses helps save the environment because the electricity company isn't burning as much coal or whatever. Bigger up-front cost, of course. But it only takes a few years to pay for itself. And we're helping the environment! And therefore our own health. You can get a battery to store excess day-time power to use at night, but they are not cost effective at around $14000. We are better off selling excess to the grid.

Friday, August 10, 2018



We've been planning to get solar panels on our roof for ages, this week I finally got around to doing some research and asking a few companies for quotes. Prices have come down a lot in recent years and the government also offers a large rebate which works out to around a third of the total price. I had long talks with several companies (over the phone; they look at images of your roof throughout the year to see if you have shade problems, ask about your electricity usage etc) and learned a lot! We haven't yet decided between two companies, but there was one we definitely won't be going with.

The guy seemed nice on the phone, and the quote was the cheapest, but my research showed that they use the lowest quality materials on my list. He wanted to call me back the next day but I said to at least give me the weekend to talk to my husband before we made a decision so he said he'd call Monday. He asked me to give a deposit on the spot to fix the quote and make sure it didn't go up (with other companies the quote was valid for a month without a deposit!) and that he'd give the deposit back if we didn't use his company (what is the point of a deposit then?) which I declined to do. Then despite me asking him not to call until Monday, I have received a 'follow-up' text from someone else at the company and it seems I have been put on their subscriber email list because I've also received advertisements about their latest deals. To be fair, I suppose neither text nor email are technically a phone call! I've blocked their number on my phone and unsubscribed from the email list, and sent messages on both mediums that we won't be needing them thanks. Maybe it's just me, but it feels more like pressure than customer service.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Lots of books


My weight wandered back up to 71.5 kg this morning. By the time I start at this job it will be the middle of spring, and I'm excited about buying more new work clothes, but I would love to lose a bit more weight before then. I really really need to get exercise consistently into my life - and keep it there even when I start work!

My tiredness of last week morphed into illness on the weekend. Headache and dizzy and backache and jelly legs. Sometimes I was nauseous and didn't eat much, other times I was bored with sitting around and ate too much. I'm feeling so much better today though. I made some lovely chicken soup for my lunch.

I'm back volunteering at my son's school library on Mondays. Last week the teacher librarian was there but as usual was teaching a couple of classes so we don't really get time to talk much. There was a lot to do and I was there most of the morning, when I tried to leave she asked me to help a little longer (which was fine). Today she wasn't there, another teacher who I don't know (maybe a sub) was running the class and only said hi and left me to it, but there wasn't much to do at all and I left after less than an hour (it's only supposed to be half an hour anyway). I realised when I got to the shops that I'd left my handbag stashed under the desk at the library (my car keys were in my pocket, and I often don't carry a bag, just essentials in pockets, so I didn't notice) and I had to go back for it. Luckily not too far.


I went into the city today to buy some books. Doing the cataloguing revealed some gaps in our collection; sometimes we hadn’t finished buying a series but quite a few gaps were where people had borrowed books and not returned them. I asked around last week but none turned up so I decided to replace some favourites. I went to my two favourite bookshops; Galaxy which specialises in sci-fi and fantasy (12 books) and Dymocks which is more general, and has a three-story store in the city (5 books). Very heavy! When I got home, 2 more had arrived that I had ordered online secondhand! Now I don’t know what to read first - and I was already in the middle of three before I bought these new ones.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Job Offer

Later Thursday:

I got a job offer! Apparently I was first on the suitability list. They offered the temporary position starting in October replacing someone on maternity leave for 9 months. This position was mentioned at the interview I had but I said at the time that I could only do part time so I surprised at this offer. Wasn’t it full time? I asked today. Only 30 hours a week, which I can manage. We are still sorting out what shifts I would do, but it seems like I have a job!

It’s only a temporary position, but that’s ok. It will help me get the next job. And it’s further away than I would like, driving through traffic, but on the other hand I don’t have to work during school holidays (because it’s a library for college students, and they have minimal staff or close during holidays) which solves any problem of what to do with my own children.

I no longer feel like I’m in limbo.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018



I’ve been having a really low energy week. I was exhausted on Sunday after cooking all day for the family dinner, but thought nothing of it as I’d tried a new recipe which is always stressful - it turned out well - in the midst of a house full of excited children. But then I felt the same all Monday, and kind of depressed on Tuesday. But the last couple of days I’ve embraced it. If I’m tired, I’ll just enjoy reading and watching old Project Runway. I’m in Limbo at the moment; finished my studies but not yet in a job, so it makes sense I feel a little adrift. I keep myself busy with things like sorting my photos and doing my home book cataloguing project, but they are not the same as having a real purpose to your days.

I’ve also been thinking about writing another book. I sent my first manuscript to a couple of publishers last year (no response) before deciding it wasn’t the best I could do. I’m really proud of myself for writing a whole novel and I love it but it has its faults. I can do better on my next attempt. I’ve had a few ideas for quite a while, but now I have concepts that tie it all together and I really should start writing.

Aiden is away at school camp at the moment. In Canberra, where we lived until two years ago! He should know many of the places they are visiting quite well. Questacon, the interactive science museum, for example - we had an annual pass there for many years. I just wish they weren’t there in the middle of winter, it is much colder there than here in Sydney. It can be miserable down by the lake where most of the public buildings are when an icy wind blows over the water. They had to wear full school uniform, which I’ve never seen for camp before. Extra layers underneath! I miss my baby, but it does mean I can sleep in in the morning! Jasmine gets herself to school without assistance,  only Aiden has to be dragged out of bed.

Monday, July 30, 2018

On the List


I received a nice letter today from the person who interviewed me for the TAFE library job (almost identical to what I did for work experience, in a different location). I was “successful” in my application and have been put on the list. Now I just have to wait for a job to become available - hopefully part time in one of the closer libraries in the group of 8. She didn’t say how many other people were on the list or how far down my name is! But at least I have been deemed suitable.

I haven’t heard back from the cataloguing dream job so I’m assuming I didn’t get an interview due to my lack of experience. I’m checking for jobs regularly but there are not many to apply for.

My weight was back down to 71.1 kg on Monday, my body really wants to be that weight! It was great that I only took a week to lose the holiday weight.

I will be babysitting this afternoon, but I’m not sure who! My sister-in-law asked me to mind one niece while she does something with the other - but it seems I didn’t take in whether I’ve got the one year old or the five year old. It doesn’t really matter, except for which toys and books I pull out. Oh well, I’ll see when they get here.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Baby photos


I've spent the past couple of days putting together a collection of favourite family photos, which I plan to print out. I haven't printed physical copies for a few years! We lost a lot of photos once when a computer died, so it's good to have backups and physical copies of the best ones. And I'm scanning in some of the old prints so we have both physical and online versions!

So hard to choose favourites among the dozens of baby photos. I know everyone thinks their own children are cute, but honestly mine are the cutest!

Clearly they take after me!