Saturday, May 26, 2018

It’s working again


I haven’t lost any weight for several (five?) weeks now, but the past couple of days have been better. I skipped taking Duromine (phentermine) while I was sick, and started again yesterday. It really feels like it’s having an effect again and really curbing my hunger and suppressing my usual avid interest in food. This afternoon we went out to buy Tim some new clothes, when the kids wanted a snack he took them while I did some shopping for myself. I ate nothing from lunch until dinner - unheard of! And I was only normally hungry by dinner time. So hopefully skipping a few days has reset my reaction to the medication and I get another good month out of it before my body gets used to it again.

Apart from getting Tim’s new suit, I did work on assignments and lodged two. Four weeks to go, three assignments left.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Low B12


I went back to the doctor this morning for my blood test results. Most things were fine, like fasting blood sugar (it only goes high when I eat bad stuff!), cholesterol a little high like it has been forever, still working on that. The only thing of real note was my vitamin B12 which is very low. Which can cause tiredness, among other things. I’m tired all the time! I was first diagnosed with low vitamin B12 in June 2015, three years ago. I took daily tablets, and four months later my B12 levels were back up to normal. Somehow between then and now I stopped taking the tablets. You have to take them with meals so I’d have them sitting on the kitchen table. But I’d put them away when visitors were expected, then forget them once they were out of sight. I’d remember eventually, start again, then run out or put them away again... anyway I’ve bought some more tablets and I’ll try to take them consistently.

Jasmine was back at school today. But apparently she had such a bad nosebleed in maths that she sat in the office for 40 mins waiting for it to stop. They gave her a shirt to wear, her other one was covered in blood. They kept asking her if she wanted to go home but she’d already missed three days of school and she didn’t want to miss any more.

Aiden was very upset when he got home from school yesterday. He sat on my lap and cried for quite a while. He was waiting to cross the road at the traffic lights when a car lost control (maybe braking too late when the lights changed?), skidded, and nearly mounted the pavement where he was standing. Very scary.

Tim got home after midnight last night, trying to catch up on two days off work.

It’s been a challenging week. Yay for weekends!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Library Week


I stayed home from work on Tuesday because Jasmine was sick. I didn’t feel great either. Obviously we’d caught whatever Tim had, he was home Monday. I was supposed to be setting up for my Storytime, but I sent an email and the others did it for me. Luckily everything was ready and organised and all in one place. Well, not “luckily”, of course, I made sure it was ready!

On Wednesday Jasmine was still sick and I felt worse than the day before. I lay in bed for quite a long time going back and forth in my mind. Do I go into work, feel awful, maybe infect 20 children with whatever I’ve got? Do I stay home, feel guilty about making someone else do the activity unprepared, maybe have my future referees think I’m unreliable? Eventually I dragged myself off to work. Tim stayed home with Jasmine.

I was glad I went in, in the end. I met the two staff who’d rotated in from the other branch of the library, they seemed nice. They’d set everything up for me. The National Simultaneous Storytime went smoothly and I didn’t feel too sick. I got the children’s attention with a game where we made our arms into clock time shapes while I moved the arms on my poster clock. Then I read the story - along with hundreds of other librarians around the country! - and then got the kids to colour in pictures from the story to make into finger puppets. Another small group of children came in, late for some reason, so I read the story again. It takes a bit of practice holding a book so an audience can see the pictures, and reading it more or less upside down!
I was kept busy the rest of my shift writing up the event for the website, and preparing for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea (a fundraising event for the Cancer Council) which was the next day. I was feeling ok and stopped to do some quick shopping on the way home as I hadn’t gone out the day before and we were out of food. But as I was finishing that I started to feel really sick. I got myself home and was glad Tim was there to make me some tea and look after me. I had an early night. It was a big day for me! Jasmine seemed a lot better.

But today Jasmine was still sick. I decided to send her to school but she called me halfway there and got off the bus and I went and picked her up. I decided to leave her home alone while I went to work. She’s 14 and not so sick she needed constant attention so no big deal, but it’s the longest I’ve ever left her home by herself. I still didn’t feel completely well but it was another important day.

It’s such a quiet library usually but it was very crowded today! The hospitality students donated cakes and slices, we bought biscuits and tea and coffee, and it seemed like most of the students and staff of the TAFE came in during the morning. We had some quizzes and guessing comps, plus there was all the usual students needing help with borrowing and printing etc. It was fun. But it was nice to do some quiet cataloguing in the afternoon.

Next week I’m changing to the other branch of the library, which means I’ll be back with the librarians I know. Half my work placement time is over. With Library Week over, there will more time for normal library stuff.

I put in a job application last week for a job basically identical to what I’m doing now, in a different library but still quite close to home, they’ve acknowledged receiving it and said they’ll let me know when they are doing interviews. Does that mean I’ll be getting an interview?

Monday, May 21, 2018



I weighed 71.4 kg this morning, up a little bit. I went back to my doctor this morning for a blood test for various things, I’ll get the results later in the week. Blood pressure still up, I think 137/88.

Tim was home sick today. He’s had issues with allergies lately, or that’s what we thought, but now it seems more like flu. I had a headache too but hopefully I’ve shaken it off. Slightly weird thing, the skin on both my palms is peeling off a bit, I couldn’t image why as I haven’t been doing any manual work lately to cause these blisters. I showed Tim, and he has the same on his hands! Not itchy or red, just air bubbles that burst and peel, like you’d get if you’d been doing a bit of wood chopping or something. Odd.

I’ve been doing a lot of work on various assignments all week and I’ve got a lot done. Feeling on top of things. I’m still not doing any exercise though. My work days are different this week so I was home today. While taking a break from study I went and sat out by the pool with a book for a while. It was lovely and sunny, warm enough with a jumper on. Nice but of vitamin D.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

High blood pressure


I saw my doctor again this morning to check my blood pressure because it was high two weeks ago - very unusual for me. Still high today, although not as bad. At least, it was 150/90ish the first time she checked, which is very high, but we waited and tested again and it was 133/91 which isn't as bad. Still too high though (I think 120/80 is normal). Duromine (phentermine) can raise blood pressure but it never has for me before. I don't have any other symptoms like headaches or dizziness. My doctor thinks it's probably the stress of work placement plus these last few weeks of study with all the assignments, not making time to exercise etc rather than the Duromine that is causing it, and feels that not being overweight is very important for my health so wants me to keep taking it. I'm not losing but at least I'm not gaining. I'm not sure what I think. She wants me to concentrate on exercising more, just getting outside and walking, more as a stress relief than for weight loss. I'll try that for now and see her again soon. Also having a blood test on Monday to check my thyroid and blood sugar.

Weight loss doesn't feel like a big priority right now, although I definitely want to lose more and in particular just one more kilogram to get under 70! I'm stuck on 71.1kg. But I'm so busy with finishing my degree, looking for work, and looking after my family; and I feel so much better at this weight than I did when heavier, that weight loss has fallen off the radar a bit. I did talk about that with the doctor, but she was concerned that if I stop the Duromine while I'm so busy and stressed and not worrying about my weight that I'm more likely to regain than if I stop at some calmer time. I think that is a reasonable fear.

I wore last winter's black jeans today. Ridiculously baggy. And they were my tight ones!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018



Another week of work placement finished, mostly spend on getting ready for Library Week next week - biggest week of the year! I've been part of the preparations for "Blind Date with a Book", creating a quiz, a lolly jar where you guess how many are in it, making a slideshow, Australia's Biggest Morning Tea, and of course the National Simultaneous Storytime reading and activities which I am pretty much doing by myself.

Even more "by myself" than I had realised. Out of the four people I have been working with at the library, zero will actually be there on that morning! Working the late shift that day, or in the other library branch or whatever. All away. I have no idea if the head librarian will be there or not - she wasn't in today - I've barely met her. I guess the other two staff I haven't met yet will be rotating into my library next week. I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing (reading to 20 children and leading them in a couple of activities, with the help of some childcare workers) and it would have been nice to have moral support from someone I've actually met!

Here's a couple of pictures of me dressed for work. Looking sharp.

And here is the clock poster I made to do a warmup activity with the kids (I'm going to get them to put their arms in the shape of the movable clock arms). The cat and mouse are printed from the cover of the book I'm reading "Hickory Dickory Dash" but the rest is my own work: I drew it, brought it home and painted it. Considering I have zero artistic ability, I'm pretty proud of it.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Set weight


Not surprising after a weekend celebrating with food, today I was back up to 71.1 kg. That really seems to be my new set weight, I’ve been that exact number four out of the past five weeks! I feel ok at this weight, but would prefer to be losing, especially since I’m still taking Duromine. My dry mouth side effect has been worse the past couple of weeks, I want something in return for putting up with that!

The head librarian who is my official supervisor at my work placement was back from holidays today, so I got to meet her and she seemed nice. But after our chat I didn’t really speak to her again, maybe because she was catching up with emails etc and settling back in after several weeks off. My day went on as usual. Some cataloguing, shelving a few books, and preparing for Library Week next week. Then home for late lunch, writing up my notes, taxi service for after-school activities, making dinner, now relaxing in front of the TV. Until it’s time to chivvy the kids into bed.