Monday, May 23, 2011

New Plan

My new plan, starting yesterday, involves upping the calorie allowance to 1200 and exercising 5 times a week. Also to work on my other priorities: I tend to look at things on a daily basis which means that priority 1 & 2 generally get done but anything lower on the list never does. I am changing this to weekly scheduling so that even less urgent things do get their turn. Hopefully this will help get my novel written.

Day 1 (and 2) have already been thrown off course. I went to the gym yesterday and did really well - worked hard - but then we had our shots for travelling overseas which meant I had little time for paid work in the afternoon. And my arms are still sore so I didn't go to the gym today.

And I didn't track my food intake yesterday. I loved doing that in the first week, but now it is just boring.

The kids had 2 injections each, Tim and I had 4. Ow. Couldn't sleep on either side last night.

I plan to only weigh myself once a week now. Yesterday I was 81.9 at home and 80.3 at the gym. Not too bad considering the past few weeks indulgences and then the weekend away with lots of alcohol and restarant food and fast food.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not going well

I haven't blogged for a week and a half, after the previous daily obsession, because the diet hasn't been going well. Basically I did well for the first week, but it has just gone downhill from there. Easter, leftover Easter chocolate, Mother's Day, wedding anniversary, general snacking and not exercising, and a really really cold snap. My weight has gradually crept back up to nearly where I started. Bummer.

The general feeling from other people is that 1000 calories is too low and unsustainable. I never felt hungry and wasn't eating for that reason - in fact in the first week I felt great and energetic. And I was eating more than that when I exercised. But still, clearly I wasn't sticking to it.

I need to exercise a lot more, I let life get in the way far too often; at the moment principally all the preparation I need to do for my brother-in-law's wedding and our trip to China.

I haven't got a new plan yet. I need to think some more.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day

After healthy eating and vigorous exercise yesterday, my weight this morning was back down to 81.4kg. Yay! But it is Mother's Day and I am miserable.

I got presents in bed this morning; but then Jasmine had a birthday party to go to, some distance away, so my husband spent all morning shuttling her back and forth. I didn't mind that, but now he and the kids have gone out for a bike ride. I had a bit of a cry straight after they left. Partly because I am feeling lonely, and sad that they wouldn't do what I wanted to do (Singstar), but also because I feel such a coward. They wanted me to come with them and I was wavering the whole time but I am still a bit nervous on my new bike and it was just easier to sit at home. And now I feel awful. Another life fail.

I feel like I have spent Mother's Day playing computer games (alone), reading (alone), Singstar (alone) and folding clothes (alone). And when my family gets home I will be in the kitchen making dinner (alone). What a fun day. It is partly my fault, I could have chosen to go with them everywhere, but I am certainly not feeling very pampered.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Bad week

Too much "sometimes" food and no exercise has meant that my weight has crept up again this week. From 81.1kg on Monday it went up to 81.3, then 81.2, 81.7, 81.8 and finally 82.1 today. It makes me feel like a huge failure (huge wasn't intended as a pun) and quite depressed. But I can't change yesterday, only today and the future.

I so want to get under 80kg and stay there as my first goal.

I have already been for a walk today and will go to the gym a bit later, when my husband gets home from his dance class.

It has been a busy and disruptive week. I've been frantically trying to finish my freelance job that already had its deadline extended due to the school holidays and my inability to get much work done with two kids at home. Finished yesterday, yay! My husband had the car on Thursday, and on Friday Tim put a broom handle through a window trying to kill a big spider, so I had to stay home all day to wait for a tradesman who arrived at 6.30pm. But my main reason for not exercising was just that I didn't feel like it.

So, I still have the weekend to recover a bit from the depradations of the week. And get my head back on the right track.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter is OVER

Yesterday evening I finished off my huge chocolate bunny. It should have lasted me a few more days but in a way I'm glad I scoffed it all down - now Easter is officially over and I can get back to dieting properly without chocolate nearly every day. It was a huge amount of chocolate though - 500g in 8 days. While supposedly on a strict diet!

On the down side, I lay awake for ages with a caffine buzz and feel tired and yuck this morning; and my weight is back up a bit to 81.3kg.

Nevertheless, finally back on track.

I watched the finale of Biggest Loser Australia last night, I love seeing the transformations. They all look so puffy and bloated in the "before" scenes and so healthy and happy in the "now". Emma won, our second female winner. And Charlene won the eliminated contestants section. She was the oldest, I think, at 50. The biggest contestant ever, Damien, started at 234kg (514 pounds). He was down to about 150kg - still obese but so so much better than he was.

Now we get MasterChef - kind of the opposite to a weight-loss show! But still good.

-photo by kenjonbro

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Two weeks

My official 2 week weigh-in this morning was, as usual, inconclusive. I had some horrible numbers at first, but persisted with the scales until I got 81.1kg five times in a row. Yes, I admit freely that I kept going until I got a number that I could live with! But also it seemed more realistic than having put on a whole kilo since yesterday. Anyway, the number was later validated at the gym (80.1) - so both scales (eventually) gave me a small loss since yesterday.

Week 0: 82.8

Week 1: 81.2 (loss of 1.6)

Week 2: 81.1 (loss of 0.1)

Obviously not a big loss this week, but after the mid-week numbers I am just glad to have lost any weight at all.

I went to the gym this morning; no group classes scheduled since Monday morning zumba was cancelled so I used treadmill, piked on the cross trainer after 5 mins, and bike. 45 mins all up, not very high intensity.

Finally school holidays are over! So I need to get back to work.

- photo by Garrettc