Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not going well

I haven't blogged for a week and a half, after the previous daily obsession, because the diet hasn't been going well. Basically I did well for the first week, but it has just gone downhill from there. Easter, leftover Easter chocolate, Mother's Day, wedding anniversary, general snacking and not exercising, and a really really cold snap. My weight has gradually crept back up to nearly where I started. Bummer.

The general feeling from other people is that 1000 calories is too low and unsustainable. I never felt hungry and wasn't eating for that reason - in fact in the first week I felt great and energetic. And I was eating more than that when I exercised. But still, clearly I wasn't sticking to it.

I need to exercise a lot more, I let life get in the way far too often; at the moment principally all the preparation I need to do for my brother-in-law's wedding and our trip to China.

I haven't got a new plan yet. I need to think some more.

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