Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter is OVER

Yesterday evening I finished off my huge chocolate bunny. It should have lasted me a few more days but in a way I'm glad I scoffed it all down - now Easter is officially over and I can get back to dieting properly without chocolate nearly every day. It was a huge amount of chocolate though - 500g in 8 days. While supposedly on a strict diet!

On the down side, I lay awake for ages with a caffine buzz and feel tired and yuck this morning; and my weight is back up a bit to 81.3kg.

Nevertheless, finally back on track.

I watched the finale of Biggest Loser Australia last night, I love seeing the transformations. They all look so puffy and bloated in the "before" scenes and so healthy and happy in the "now". Emma won, our second female winner. And Charlene won the eliminated contestants section. She was the oldest, I think, at 50. The biggest contestant ever, Damien, started at 234kg (514 pounds). He was down to about 150kg - still obese but so so much better than he was.

Now we get MasterChef - kind of the opposite to a weight-loss show! But still good.

-photo by kenjonbro

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