Sunday, April 29, 2012

Born again Weight Watchers advertisement

Monday morning:

It only took me three days back on plan to lose the extra weight I put on over April. Yay! 1.4 kg in three days! I am back to my lowest of 75.3 kg (home scales). I guess Weight Watchers really does work, when I stick to it.

That's the thing, though, with diets. Just about any diet will cause you to lose weight, at least in the short term, as you are restricting calories. In that sense, most diets "work". But of course I want more than that. It has to be healthy in the long term and sustainable in the long term. WW is real food focusing on fruit and vegetables and wholegrains and lean meat but also encourages dairy and healthy fats. And it also allows treats. I could do an ad for them, couldn't I! Anyway, I was getting a little worried. I haven't had any huge losses and after only two months of being relatively good I fell off the wagon at Easter and couldn't seem to get back on. I was lightly toying with the idea of giving up and no longer paying them all that money. What do I pay, $65 a month? Something like that. Two kg in three months (after regaining a bit) means I was paying nearly $100 per kg. But I am back on track and feeling positive and that it is worth it. Say I continue to lose a fairly slow kg per month (my average now that I have re-lost that extra). $65 a kg is still a lot. 22 kg in total to lose, that is an eventual $1430. A lot of money, not even including continuing fees as I maintain (not sure how that works, I'll have to ask about that. I know meetings become free but don't know about all the online stuff).

So am I willing to pay $1430 to get to my goal weight? Be slender and healthy and fit and not tired all the time and not hating how I look in the mirror? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. One thousand four hundred and thirty times yes. If WW is the thing that works best to help me get there -- and so far it seems to be -- then it is worth the money. We pay more than that for a holiday to Queensland! It is up to me to stick to the rules. They work. I have already proved that to myself. And I know I can stick to it for months at a time, at least -- unlike other diets where I have a record of about two weeks or maybe two days!

Looking at that time frame, 22 months from this last February, could be discouraging. That is Christmas next year. But Christmas 2013 is going to come whether I lose the weight or not. A steady loss means I'll be down to around 70 kg this year and my goal weight of 58 kg next. Abandoning any weight-loss efforts because I think it's too slow or too hard or too far away means this Christmas I'll be back up to 80 kg and next year I shudder to think. So onwards and downwards!

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