Wednesday, April 25, 2012

School holidays nearly over


I thought having time without work (paid work at least) would give me more time to exercise but without my regular routine I have been very slack. School holidays have just made that worse -- we've had no routine at all. I lie in bed while the kids watch TV in the morning, play computer games, wander out to some activity or other in the afternoon. We've had houseguests and lots of snacking. My weight is creeping up a little bit and that is just not on. Weigh in tomorrow, kids back to school on Monday and starting a new project, back into my routine. I'm working hard on tracking today. I need to reintroduce lots more fluids, more fruit and veges, less junk. Last night after D&D supper I cleared out the treats cupboard and got rid of most of it, it had built up to a surprising extent with half empty chocolate boxes and packets of biscuits. There are still some things for the kids and my fun-size treats.

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