Friday, April 22, 2011

More weighing in

My scales this morning showed 81.7. Or 80.9. I think maybe I need new scales. Anyway, taking the higher number, I have still lost another 400g since yesterday - 1.1kg in 5 days. Excellent! it is really encouraging.

Then I went to the gym, and tried their scales. Even there, 4 attempts gave me 3 different numbers, but only 0.2kg variation so I think they are much more accurate. And if I got someone to show me how, I could also work out my fat and water percentages. Going by the middle of the three numbers given, I am 80.1kg! Yay! So much lighter than at home. I have seen a similar discrepancy before. So I'll use my home scale to track the daily change, but the gym for the real number of my actual weight.

Was tired and lurgy today (due to lady time, I think) and didn't perform as well at the gym, but still did 50 minutes. Ate a bit more than usual at lunch - higher calories mainly due to adding lots of Thousand Island dressing to my salad - but when I take the exercise into account I should still finish the day around 1000 calories net.

Easter Sunday tomorrow. Looking forward to chocolate. I am accustomed to having chocolate every day, but have only indulged in a little on one day this week. I don't want to gorge myself tomorrow and undo all the good I have done, but I am not going to be too mingy either. Easter is my favourite holiday of the year.

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