Sunday, April 24, 2011

Morning after

It's the morning after my Easter binge and I feel awful. Hard to get out of bed, tired and lurgy and sad. Feel heavy and like my face is trying to slide off. Mild headache. Couldn't get going without a cup of tea. So different from the past week. The scary thing is, I used to feel like this all the time. It was just normal. Amazing how looking after your body makes a difference...

I weighed myself several times this morning and as usual got widely divergent answers - more than a kilo apart - but I am going with 81.2 as I got that three times out of six. Means another 300g loss since yesterday and a total of 1.6kg in my first week which is excellent. If I wasn't feeling so tired and grumpy I would be very happy with that. I certainly worked hard for it most of the week.

I still have a huge amount of chocolate sitting above the TV. I will share the little eggs with whatever visitors pop in over the next week or so, and plan to eat the bunny slowly over a long period - having a little bit each night only if I have calories left. The kids have lots left too, they will be allowed to eat chocolate at afternoon tea time each day after eating healthy food throughout the morning.

My exercise plan is going to the gym 4 days per week (every day that I am kid free) and including some kind of physical activity other days. I am still focussing more on my diet, but exercise is important too. My shoulder is a lot better, and this week I plan to try a group class - carefully.

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