Thursday, April 21, 2011

Confusing scales, and chocolate

This morning I weighed in at 81.3. That can't be right, I was 82.2 yesterday. Tried again - 82.1. Then 82.1 again. Ok, that seems reasonable, 100g in a day. Wandered back to the scales about 30 seconds later just to check. 81.5. Four times in a row. Took a lap of the room, back to 82.1, twice.


I am going with 82.1kg, but it just shows that not only can my weight fluctuate day by day, but the scales can fluctuate second by second. I will continue weighing daily and looking at the general pattern.

My nutritionist friend looked at my food journal yesterday. She commented on the very low calories, bit low on fibre, carbs and dairy. But she didn't discourage me from continuing. She only said that very low calorie diets are very hard to maintain, and she usually only prescribes them for dramatic weight loss before surgery. Another thing she said, which I have taken on board, is that I am overestimating calories burned during exercise as (for instance) a muscular man would burn a lot more calories jogging the same distance as an overweight woman. Muscles burn more calories than fat. I knew that, yet I was somehow hoping that being unfit meant that I was working harder than a fit person and therefore burning more calories than them. Wrong.

As usual for a Thursday, we had people over for supper (and Dungeons&Dragons) last night. I wasn't sure how I was going to deal with that; should I eat nothing? Should I have a little? Should I prepare myself some healthy food? Most nights I am not eating anything after dinner. In the end, I had 50 calories still available at supper time so I decided to have 2 squares of delicious Lindt chocolate. In small bites, savouring every nibble. It was my first "junk" food and I have been a bit worried about opening the flood gates to naughtiness. But I think it worked out fine, I am still on my healthy food diet. I don't want to ban any food, but just be aware that treats tend to have so many calories that I can't fit them into my 1000 calorie food plan. Just a little bit, occasionally. Sunday is Easter, and I will certainly have some chocolate then!

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