Sunday, April 17, 2011

Starting Over. Again. 82.8kg.

Today I felt ready to try again at losing weight. It was a shopping day, which meant I could get a trolley full of healthy things. And I just felt, well, strong. Since I still can't exercise hard, due to my shoulder, I am going the calorie-restriction route. Very restrictive this time - only 1000 calories (4200 kj) plus whatever exercise I manage. I am eating very mindfully: always from a plate and with cutlery, even the watermelon. Drinking lots of water with a slice of lemon rather than cordial. Lots of vegetables and fruit. Lean meat and very little food that has been processed in any way. I had healthy cereal for breakfast and a teaspoon of sugar in my tea - otherwise all very natural food. So far it has been very easy. I feel full and healthy. It is nearly dinner time and I have used less than half of my calories, and I have been for a half-hour walk. I have to be careful that I eat enough! Don't want my body to go into starvation mode and start hoarding fat. But when you don't eat the really junky or fatty foods, it is easy to stay low in calories. I am craving cheese a bit. I have a desire for high-calorie food, but I can recognise that it is not hunger. Actually, I am starting to feel a little bit hungry now but that is because it is little more than an hour until dinner. I look forward to my salmon and vegetables with a healthy appetite. I am tracking fluid intake (doing well, but as usual after about 3 glasses of water in the day I start peeing like a racehorse; it is very inconvenient to have to run to the toilet every 20 mins!), calories (of course), fat, carbohydrates (to make sure they are spread over the day to balance my blood sugar), protein and fibre. I will be interested to see what I have to adjust. Fibre is going to be very tricky, as I don't eat much whole-grain stuff and it takes a lot of vegetables to add up to 25g of fibre! I have already exceeded my protein needs and I haven't even had my salmon yet. So, I am full of optimism for a change. I am tracking in a little purpose-made booklet rather than on line, and I rather enjoy looking up all the foods in the accompanying calorie-counter book. I don't think I would be able to exercise hard on this many calories (although they do on Biggest Loser!) but since I can't anyway it is a good time to start. As the weeks go by I will gradually increase my exercise. And I am allowed to eat more when I do. I am starting at 82.8kg. Watch me shrink!

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