Thursday, October 14, 2010

W17 D6 - big jeans

My old jeans had dissolved where the thighs rub together, so today I went to buy new ones. Last couple of times (to my horror) I had needed a size 16. This time I didn't even fit into a size 16. (Well, I could squeeze in uncomfortably with a bulging muffin-top.) And Just Jeans didn't stock a size 18. I didn't fit into normal size clothes. Oh My God.

I went to Jeans West, where I had bought my last pair - a men's size 36. I had to get a 38. But at least they had some that fit me.

I feel huge and miserable.

I'm feeling, health-wise, a bit better today; but not yet well enough to exercise. I want to curl up into a sad ball with a family size block of chocolate to comfort me. Like that would help.

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