Saturday, July 10, 2010

Week 4 - tracking again

I am feeling mostly better, not well enough for strenous exercise but I could go for a walk later if it stops raining. And I am determined to track my eating, even if I go over.

I did my Sunday morning weigh-in, I am 82.4kg (0.1kg up from last Sunday) so basically I have maintained over the past week. Not too bad considering I only exercised twice and I ate a lot. Down 0.7kg from my original 83.1kg. The big gain in the middle was from only two party days!

I'm not sure how to title these posts, I tried numbering each day but I keep getting that mixed up. I have called this post "week 4" when it is the first day of week 4 rather than the end of week 4. But it is the 4th weigh-in.

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