Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The flu

I finally come down with the flu my kids have had for days. I think I have been fighting it off for a while, but a couple of nights with little sleep (getting up frequently for the sick kids) made me more vulnerable and I have succumbed. Or maybe the Doritos did it, who can tell.

My 6 year old daughter Jasmine was well enough to go to her much-looked-forward-to vacation care (I will pick her up very early, just after lunch) but my 3 year old son Aiden is still home with me, coughing away as he plays a Go Diego Go game on the other computer. I did a bit of editing work (which I picked up last night, before I knew I would be sick today), got it done, and wrote up my scores for some Aurealis Awards judging. I will have to take my son grocery shopping soon. Or we could just make do with leftovers and I could shop tomorrow. But what if I am feeling worse? Better to get it over with, then pick up Jasmine, come home, and collapse.

No exercise today, I will have to control my eating.

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