Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week 6 - starting again, again

Yesterday (Sunday) I weighed in at 82.0kg, down a little from previous weeks. I had spent a couple of days unwell, last week, but had plenty of healthy days yet still didn't exercise. And my healthy food lifestyle had been gradually slipping too, so to have lost a little rather than gained was a pleasant surprise.

Last night I made a committment (to myself, but I also told my husband), either I would get to the gym 4 times this week, during my "work time" while work is currently slow, or else in the evenings, or otherwise next week it would be back to early mornings. So if I want to avoid getting up at 5.45am, I have to find a way to make daytime/evenings work.

Today I put 3 year old Aiden in the creche for an hour and went to the gym. There was no group class at that time, but I worked really hard on the cross-trainer, rowing machine, and stationary bike for a total for 45 mins. I did much better than I usually do without an instructor egging me on. The rowing machine was funny, usually I find 10 minutes on that a real challenge but I was doing mental arithmatic in my head (working out what would be reasonable to charge my freelance clients) and just kept yanking away on the bar. I barely noticed the exercise, but I was all sweaty afterwards.

I haven't exercised during the day on Mondays for a while because I felt guilty putting in Aiden in creche, he doesn't mind it but this year he already has Koalas (early preschool) on Tuesday and Wednesday and childcare on Thursday and Friday so I can work. But creche is only an hour, and he seemed quite happy. I spend the rest of the day with him.

I am already really feeling today's exercise, plus I went to the library, did the grocery shopping, and walked my 6 year old to and from school. I am quite exhausted! I feel that that is good, it shows I have been working hard.

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