Saturday, July 3, 2010


I know I said in my last post, 2 hours ago, that getting up early was the only way I could do this, but I am desperate to make it work some other way. I found out, at my aerobic/Step class this morning, that Zumba does not cost extra as I had previously thought. So:

Monday: 7.00pm BodyPump
Tuesday: 7.45pm Dru Yoga
Wednesday: 7.30pm (approx) use equipment
Thursday: 7.15pm Zumba
Friday: --
Saturday: 2.00pm (approx) use equipment
Sunday: 9.00am BodyAttack/BodyStep

This still gives me 4 classes a week. I have scheduled 6 sessions of exercise a week because I know that quite often I will miss one of these. For instance tomorrow night (Monday) I am going out, and I have things on 2 Wednesdays a month.

I might not always make it to Monday's BodyPump class because it requires Tim to be home by 6.45 to look after the kids, and these days he usually doesn't get home until 7.00pm. But he is going to try. It means he has to have dinner and then get both kids to bed by himself, and we have visitors every Monday night at 8.00. I should be home shortly after that. Hopefully it will work out. I am putting exercise above socialising, or having a clean house when visitors arrive.

Tuesdays, I am going to try Dru Yoga. I tried one Body Balance class once and I could hardly do any of it, both due to general inflexability and because of my shoulders (for instance the Downward Dog position puts too much weight on my shoulders). I left after 15 mins. But I learned later that that was a hard class with the hardest teacher. Dru Yoga was recommended for beginners. I will try it.

Wednesday night there is only a BodyBalance class which I will not do (see above), so I will just use the equipment. If I have managed to do Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue already that week, I will skip Wednesday night. Or, of course, if I have my Editing or Spec Fiction meeting that week. I look on Wednesdays as a make-up session, if I missed something earlier in the week.

I am really looking forward to Zumba on Thursday, it is described as a Latin dance fitness party, and I have seen it on TV. I would have done it long ago, but I had the idea that it cost extra and gym fees were already high enough. I have always loved dance. It should be a great cardio workout. Because it is 7.15pm, Tim should be home in time, but he will have to get the kids to bed by himself again.

I have Friday off. I suppose if I have missed a few classes, for whatever reason, I could go and use the equipment this night.

Saturday is a busy day, Tim takes the kids to gymnastics in the morning and then goes to a dance class after he brings them home. There is a good class (TBC) at 9.45am and BodyPump at 10.45am but they would clash with our other committments, so I will just go and use the equipment after lunch. Or it would be good if we had some kind of family active time instead.

Sunday is the BodyAttack/BodyStep class, my favorite of the week sofar, and the one I just did this morning.

So over the course of the week I have 2 cardio classes, 1 weights, 1 flexibility, and 1-2 equipment (I use cardio). Quite a good balance. We'll see how the week ahead goes.

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