Monday, January 3, 2011

W28 D2 - My first ride

I have walked every day for the past week. Sometimes first thing in the morning (especially if my shoulder is particularly bad, walking helps), sometimes in the evening, twice on the treadmill at the gym.

And today I had my first ride on my new bike that I got for Christmas! My shoulder was really sore over Christmas so I didn't want to risk it, especially as I fell off when getting the bike home from the shop, but today we had a nice cool day and my shoulder wasn't too bad. The kids brought their new bikes and Tim came to help Jasmine who isn't used to her new big bike - still with training wheels though. We rode up and down a nearby bike path. 4 year old Aiden zoomed up and down (with training wheels, he has just upgraded from a tricycle), 6 year old Jasmine managed short periods without Tim actually holding on to her (she goes so slow the bike usually tips over) and I got over my nervousness and did well.

So, lots of exercise today.

And tomorrow I finally get my first physio session for my shoulder, everything has been closed over the Christmas/New Year period.

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