Sunday, December 12, 2010

W25 D2 - back to the gym

I found someone to share a two-for-the-price-of-one offer at the gym so I rejoined starting from today. I did 13.15 min on the treadmill (plus cooldown), 1 km, and I plan to try to better my time each day. That included a lot of slow walking at the start, but a 100 meter jog at the end. Then I did 30 mins on the bike, while reading a fitness magazine, 9.2 km. I will probably have to reduce the time on the bike, so I have to beat 6.1 km in 20 mins. With less time on the bike, I will do 2 treadmill sessions. I am not able to use any of the other gym equipment or do aerobic classes at present. Aquarobics may be ok, I will try it.

The reason for my limitations is still my shoulder. I am having an x-ray and ultrasound this week to confirm - or at least to rule out other possibilities - but it looks very much like adhesive capsulitis: frozen shoulder. I had it in my right shoulder 8 years ago after 2 years of RSI, and now it has hit my left. It greatly restricts movement in that arm and is quite painful if it is bumped or if I try to lift too much. Getting comfortable at night is near impossible so my sleep is broken and unrestful. I can no longer do up my own bra, although I can undo it one-handed, and if I am particularly stiff I can't take my shirt off either.

Exercise is vital to reduce the adhesions, staying still makes it freeze up more. But I have to be gentle. I knock it or jerk it accidentally every few days and weep in pain, but my shoulder is actually much freer for 24 hours afterwards because I have ripped the adhesions.

I have been walking many mornings and some evenings lately, moving and swinging my arms helps keep the shoulder limber and less painful, and getting a bit of exercise is a nice side effect. I've missed quite a few days from rain though - we have had almost constant rain for about a month and evacuations nearby from flooding. And summer + rain means humidity and mosquitoes. Even with insect repellant on when I go out, I am now covered in itchy bites. But... must walk as often as I can. I wake so stiff and sore that it is a relief to get up and about.

So, I am back at the gym - gently - plus walking hopefully a couple of times a day. It's a start.

Oh, and I am getting a push-bike for Christmas!

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