Tuesday, May 30, 2017



I went back to my "old" doctor today - from the clinic I've attended regularly since we moved here but I've only seen this doctor once before because they change every six months - because I wasn't impressed with the new one I tried. "Old" doctor confirmed that the blood test results are nothing to worry about because although they showed a high protein (?) count none of the other markers were there for something serious.

Instead of the other doctor's "you're fine, just lose some weight" response to my high blood sugar and hip pain, at least this one tried to give me more active advice. As well as going over the diet and exercise stuff that we all know, she is going to arrange for me to have some free dietician and hydrotherapy (gentle water-based exercise that won't hurt my hips) sessions. Apparently I am fat enough to qualify for five free professional health sessions. Hmmm. Also, if I haven't made progress in three months she recommends maybe trying medication, she mentioned Duromine which is an appetite suppressant and she said speeds up the metabolism. I'm not very keen on taking medication of any kind, but at least this doctor is laying out some options for me.

Unfortunately she will only be at the clinic for another month. Who knows who I'll get next?

I told her I won't do anything for a couple of weeks because of exams, but then will investigate dieticians etc for her to give me a referral to.


  1. I had tremendous success using recommendations from a dietician. Even though she did not request that I do it, I emailed her my weight loss/gain on a weekly basis as a matter of accountability.