Monday, May 29, 2017



We had a productive weekend. I spent most of Saturday studying, got all my work for the previous week mastered. Our tiler has now sprained his ankle, but he finally sent a substitute so there were a few guys here working on that - they got it mostly finished but ran out of tiles (again) so there is one tiny corner not done and then they have to seal it. I was given the impression they would be back on Monday, but no sign of them (of course). We've paid for more than enough tiles but I think the tiler hoped he wouldn't need to get them all and could keep a bit of the money because they've run out twice. [Just contacted him, he's ordered more tiles and will be back to finish at the end of the week, yet another 'end of the week'...]

On Sunday we did some work in the garden, moving the dirt away from the fence and adding a bit more Perspex behind the heat pump, we finished doing everything needed to get the fence approved (very strict laws in Australia about fences around pools). I have contacted the approval guy and am waiting to hear back from him. Once that it approved we can finish the last stage of the pool and fill it with water. Of course now the temperature has plummeted, it is freezing here (two more days until Winter) we will have some kind of "pool party" when it's finished but I don't think anyone will go in the water, even heated! And I'm getting ahead of myself - it probably won't be finished until next spring anyway the way things have gone so far!

I slept really poorly on Sunday night, my left wrist was quite sore from all the digging and woke me, and then I was a bit stressed about my big presentation on Monday, and also Tim had to get up very early for a flight to Canberra for the day so of course that woke me too. And after 15 mins doze when he was gone I had to get up because Aiden had his drumming lesson before school. I was so tired and dopey I rushed out of the house to catch my train and only when caught in peak hour traffic on the way to the station did I realise I was half an hour early!

The presentation was in the afternoon, I'd prepared carefully and I think it went well. Three other people also did theirs in the same lesson and mine was at least as good (I think). But in my morning class we had an oral quiz that was originally supposed to be this week, then changed to next week, then there was a problem with that and after some discussion trying to find a time we could all attend the teacher asked if we could move it back and do it that day. We all said yes but I didn't feel well prepared; and I hate oral quizzes, I get stressed and freeze up when people look at me although I'm fine with a written test.

The teacher tried to make it as relaxed as possible, we all grouped together and she asked questions and we could jump in and answer whichever ones we were comfortable with while she kept track. But I wasn't as quick to jump in as some others even when I knew the answer so the teacher directed a question specifically to me and of course it turned out to be one I wasn't completely sure about! I stumbled through it and knew she wanted more from me but had a brain freeze and didn't answer fully. Unfair - everyone else basically got to choose their own questions! I hated being on the spot like that. After that I kept jumping in to answer everything until the teacher told me I'd answered enough so I shut up and let other people answer. It's worth 10% of the total mark for that subject and I have no idea how I (or anyone else) was scored. In the end the whole subject is pass/fail but my marks matter to me!

I only have two weeks left of semester, one assignment (which I've nearly finished) and three exams to go.

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