Saturday, September 11, 2010

W12 D7

A bad week for weight loss. A combination of a sore shoulder, PMS, and general laziness meant that I haven't been to the gym since Monday. Yet I eat and eat.

A while ago (more than 3 months) I had a health check up, mainly because I was feeling tired a lot. Everything was fine except that my cholesterol was high and I was low in Vitamin D. Pretty crazy for someone living in Australia to have low Vitamin D, but I don't go outside a lot. Since then I have been trying to get a little more Winter/Spring sun, and am also taking tablets when I remember. But, apart from a half-hearted scan of the internet, I have done nothing to combat my high cholesterol.

BUT on Thursday Tim had his health check at work. In the past he has been quite fit, but he hasn't ridden much since he broke his shoulder blade 6 months ago and then recently got a company car as he is doing his bosses (high stress) job until Christmas, and of course he has been eating my cooking for the past 10 years. This year, his check up showed that he is now slightly overweight and that his blood pressure is VERY high. Stress would be a big contributor, but all the salt I have trained him to eat can't be helping. I had already shopped for the weekend when I found this out, but from Monday's shop we will be on a low-salt diet. And low-fat, for my high cholesterol. A healthier diet, essentially. The main thing, at least to start with, is to completely cut out convenience food. I cook every night, but often use things like a jar of pasta sauce, or a packet of taco seasoning. All high in salt and sugar and various nasty chemicals. So they have to go. I had a scan of our pantry and was rather horrified at the sodium levels. Tim should cut down to about 1,600mg per day. The lasagne I cooked tonight would have ended up with more than that in his serve, and that is just one item of the day.

What I struggle to do for myself I can enforce for someone I love (like sticking to my gestational diabetes diet when I was pregnant with Aiden). Hopefully the new diet will help the whole family.

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