Sunday, September 5, 2010

W12 D2 - shoulder pain

I went to Zumba, finally, last Thursday night. I enjoyed it, perhaps not quite as much as I had hoped. I've done a bit of dancing, but this was mainly based on Marenge (?sp) which I had never done, a bit of salsa, and a bit of Calypso - which even the instructor said made her feel stupid to do! I was pretty fun, and trying to learn the steps distracted me from the workout.

Friday was my day off, then Saturday was so stormy I didn't leave the house, then Sunday was Father's Day devoted to Tim (and lots of yummy food) so I ended up having three days off exercise instead of one. I went again this morning.

I weighed myself on the weekend, 82.9kg on Saturday and 82.7kg on Sunday. I don't feel like I am getting anywhere, but then I haven't been very consistent sofar.

The really bad news is that my left shoulder is gradually getting worse. I had problems, starting 10 years ago, that originated in my right shoulder and spread down both arms and hands. RSI and then frozen shoulder. It was a really bad time, I had endless painful physical therapy, anti-inflammitory drugs that turned out to be very bad for many people, and I ended up having to leave work altogether. I couldn't even dress myself and I got quite depressed. I am very careful with how much time I spend on the computer etc now, the RSI starts to come back if I don't look after it.

But this brand-new pain is in my left shoulder and doesn't feel muscular like the RSI, it feels more like the frozen shoulder. It really hurts when I move it abruptly and I have lost a lot of movement, I now can't do up my own bra at the back. It is scary, I don't want to go through all that again. I will see a doctor soon. I can't remember exactly when it started because it has been gradual, was it before I started exercise 12 weeks ago or around the same time? Is BodyPump too much for it? But why frozen shoulder anyway? That is more likely to come from lack of movement, like when I stopped using my right shoulder due to the RSI pain. It may not be frozen shoulder at all, but it has been there for at least 12 weeks and it getting worse. Do I stop any exercise that involves it (I am always careful) or do I use it more? Do I put a total ban on computer use, which would mean giving up my new job, even though I only work 15 hours a week with lots of breaks? It is hard not to get depressed about it.

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